​Hello, my name is
Amanda Ewing-Rice and today I’ll be discussing a corporate trustee. ​ ​Often spouses, family members, or other individuals
are named to fill a role of successor trustee. However, if the answers to these questions create
concerns for you, you may want to
consider a corporate trustee as a successor trustee or co-trustee. ​ ​A corporate trustee
has professional staff that deals with managing trusts on a daily
basis, assuring the professional management of your assets. With a
corporate trustee, you don’t have to be concerned about an individual predeceasing you and perhaps
creating the need for court intervention to
appoint a new trustee. You also don’t
have to be worried about trust duties
being a burden on your spouse, partner,
family, or friends. If beneficiaries
disagree over finances, having an impartial
trustee like a corporate trustee,
may be beneficial to maintaining harmony. ​ ​You may consider
appointing your spouse, partner, or family member as a co-trustee along with
the corporate trustee. Co-trustees act together to
administer the trust according to your specific directions. The individual
selected will have the ability to have a voice in administering the
trust without being burdened with day-to-day
trust activities. ​This video has been brought to
you by the Atashi Rang Law Firm, where we’re building lifetime relationships one
client at a time. ​ ​Thank you for watching.