here’s an interesting thing that we just
found out that you just gave my attention until the wall street journal
wrote about to be quite honest with you and now the wall street shows talk about
it okay counselors in the top somebody got at t as secretly recorded
tape of the treasury department are giving a call to eight hundred of
the top people on wall street the bankers their
heads of the ceos the financial companies hey don’t worry while the bailout was
being planned hey don’t worry all the democratic stuff we’re gonna grew to his
unenforceable you’re gonna get your golden parachutes
you’re gonna get uh… your bayliss unit did everything
he don’t worry about it then which is playing with them we’re gonna ride it all and what we’re
gonna make sure that it’s not enforceable you know the guy who spearheaded a
conversation yoko shari the guy who has just been handed the rains as to what to do with that
seven hundred billion dollars former goldman uh… sax uh… executive amend that hank paulson trust and the one who led the calls saying to
wall street guys don’t worry all they get paid anyway which is nestled in democrats everything they put in there we’re not
gonna enforce are you sure why campbell even the bush
administration like the democrats i couldn’t see that coming and then there are a bunch of things
they’re not gonna enforcer listen to off what could i see that coming but you think well they don’t have much
time m but they were members of panic and they have to act decisively and
quickly you think they can spend that senator
billion dollars before they leave office on january
twentieth you know what they had to tell you rehab suspended all we were in the middle of a financial
panic we had to have the size of action so we
took on the sex in charge of it any given for the facts i mean i mean we
tried in force of things uh… provisions that democrats put in there
but just didn’t work out soini how were we told the wall street
guys top eight hundred guys on wall street in that seeker conversation turned out
to be exactly what we did funny and i were set and now we can talk about it is not just
liberal bloggers was the wall street journal says yes
that phone call we which you could all here for yourself on utube actually
happened but ok than it actually happened