cost of Maryland Bankruptcy I think that is so close to bankruptcy
hearing their bankruptcy attorney here in Maryland are more the questions people have when
they’re in facing financial difficulty is how much it cost to file a bankruptcy
in maryland it breaks down into three categories:
really there’s the lawyer’s fee which can run anywhere from five hundred dollars to
twenty-five hundred dollars for the same service and also the filing fees which R 306
dollars for chapter 7 and 281 dollars for chapter 13 there’s also two courses that you need
to take one pre-filing and one post filing those
courses can run for anywhere from twenty dollars up to two hundred dollars for
both courses so the entire cost them the filing can
run anywhere from 826 dollars up to twenty eight hundred dollars we hope was to Dickerson offer
affordable bankruptcy and our Freestar 876 dollars which
includes all fees so call us today and we can stop your
creditors for bothering you and maybe get you a fresh start