Sure, my credit card and I have had run ins at times. But I have to keep my options open. There’s no way I’m going to file bankruptcy. Doing that would be equivalent to, to doing this. (Break credit card) Everyone knows you can’t get credit after you file bankruptcy. Recent studies indicate that post-bankruptcy
households receive three times as many credit solicitations than non-bankruptcy households. The fact is that banks are in the business of making
money, of loaning money and charging interest. Even after filing bankruptcy they’re still
in that business. In fact, your situation is improved by eliminating your debt. You’re a better credit risk to a bank after having filed bankruptcy. So you will get the solicitation. The real challenge is going to be preventing you from getting into the same
situation after having filed bankruptcy that you did before getting into bankruptcy. So it sounds like they’re is help for getting
credit after bankruptcy. I’m going to visit to learn more.