Filing bankruptcy can give you a new beginning
and a fresh start to good credit. However, getting credit cards after bankruptcy can
be confusing and, sometimes difficult until you have increased your credit rating. Fortunately,
there are credit cards designed for those who have filed bankruptcy and may have lower
credit scores. Some of the best credit cards available after
bankruptcy are unsecured, like the Credit One Unsecured Platinum Visa, which bases your
annual fee on your credit worthiness and may even award 1% cash back. Another offer you
should consider after bankruptcy is a Milestone Gold card, that gives you a prequalification
application option which will not impact your credit score.
You can also have a look at secured options like the Capital One Secured MasterCard, which
comes with no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee, and no balance transfer fee. By using
one of these cards and making note of a few of our easy tips for repairing your credit,
you’ll be on your way to a good credit score after bankruptcy, in no time.