Hi I’m Karin, and welcome to Our Human Planet. I never got a chance to surf in Cuba, but I did spend a lot of time on Havana’s waterfront, and it was there that one sunny morning, I got to know Jose. He’s retired and his pension is only four dollars a month. As a hook and line fisherman, Jose is at the bottom of the fishing hierarchy. He uses almost no equipment and only owns two pairs of shorts. He catches very little and most of it becomes bait. Jose only eats two meals a day. When a wealthier fisherman shows up, you’d think he’d be envious, but he offers his meager catch as bait. I asked Jose what’d he do if he won a million dollars? nothing more A car? A house? Although the rest of us might see only what’s missing, Jose seems completely satisfied with what he has. See you next time and if you enjoyed that video, please subscribe to Our Human Planet.