Cuban Doll. It was just a name that I was calling myself
when I was younger. I feel like everybody was something. Like Indian, Chinese, China Doll, Chinese
Doll. Then I was like, “I’ma be Cuban Doll.” If you stay with your mama and you pay the
bills, then that’s okay. ‘Cause I know a lot of people be offended
by this song. They be like, “I stay with my mama, but I
do this and that.” But if you stay with your mama and you help pay the bills, then this song don’t really apply to you. But if you out here flexing. You not humble. And you still staying with your mama, ain’t hopped
off your ass? Then, this song definitely for you. I’m bigger and better because I said so. Nah, I’m just playing. You know if you just talking to somebody you
don’t like, it’s like I don’t give a fuck because I’m bigger and better. It was on some cocky shit. Girls always think somebody want they boyfriend. And I’m just like, “The nigga’s ugly. What are you even talking about?” I feel like in the situation, I’m the boss. Because I kinda like tell people what I wanna
do then go with it. Not somebody telling me what to do then I
go with it. I’m running the show. Lame bitches always trying to speak out of turn. That don’t have nothing to do with the situation. It don’t concern you. It’s not gonna help you. You don’t have no parts in this. So you lame for even speaking out of turn. Stay focused, on the bag. Fuck niggas because they can come and go. Money come and go too, but it’s more valuable
than a dude. So it’s like fuck the nigga, get the money. You barely now catching on to what I been did
in the past. You barely doing this, I already did that. You just figuring it out. You late. How they be looking? I really don’t know. They too ugly. So my face won’t fix to they face. At the end of the day I still win. Big bank take little bank. More money overpowering your little money. I been knowing that phrase for years. Almost damn near everybody say it in Dallas,
Texas. Money is power over all that. You could play the tough role, whatever. More money over less. When bitches got problems with me, we gon’
solve ‘em. Okay you want a problem? Then, here it is. I’ma give ‘em what they ask for. Drop a bag on them. Over with. Put money on
they head. Get them gone out the way. I got a lot of fake friends. People who turned their back on me. Not believing in me, not supporting, or just
switching up. I just stacked on them while they turn they
back. They just be
looking mad ‘cause they ain’t shit.