Hey guys, it’s Amanda Panda And I just got this super cute mission savings box that I ordered um Octus link that was on Facebook. I saw it and it was so freaking adorable it is a like a Panda box where you get to keep your change in and so it’s like a piggy bank but way Cooler and Let’s get this box open And they came all the way from China and the marketing must protect the pay as long as it doesn’t is Long as it’s working on fire. I don’t look see oh Look, oh how cute Let’s look at the box So it looks like a crate That you would keep live animals in wind shipping so it’s actually really cute and the top has a little piece of Bamboo It says little panda Bamboo on the front and let’s see how it works so I’m going to take a cord and you got to press the button and The Panda senses your money and he comes out it feels it. Oh my gosh. That is too. Adorable is try it again This is Penny So cute. Let’s look at it from the top. What is this a neutral? Hmmm storable let’s try it from the side, so this is a dime. I think your work designs are pretty small. Oh Didn’t get it. Let’s try it again you alright look at the bottom so this thing does take two double-a batteries, and it just has this little slot if you just Open and we completely get our money out of here I’m going to see if I can find the link to where I bought it from online And if I do I’ll put it down in the description in case you guys want to buy your own you