“The more you care about what other people
think of you, the more you live a life that isn’t yours.”
~ Andrew (Daily Rant Australia) Hi guys, this is Daily Rant Australia. That
was a picture of me when I was two-and-a-half. If you really want to know what I look like
now, just use a face-ageing app. Wow, the resemblance is uncanny! You won’t see any
other pictures of me on this channel because sometimes I talk about things that people
don’t like to hear. I don’t need somebody coming up to me in Aldi going, “Hey, you!
You’re that guy who doesn’t like capitalism and people. What the hell are you doing in
Aldi then?”. Other topics you’ll find on my channel include:
house price crashes, work hours and why I keep quitting my job, the struggling global
economy, the property market, passive income and how I make more than 76,000 cents per
month, full-time work and its similarity with modern-day slavery, house prices, my growing
misanthropy, mortgages and their equivalence to slavery, investment options and ETFs, property
bubbles, my failed attempts at selling stuff online, drones with guns, Donald Trump. As you can tell, I rant about a lot of stuff,
but don’t let the name fool you. Although I call myself Daily Rant, I don’t make a
video every day. Making videos is really, really time consuming. However, I do publish
fairly often with a goal of two or three videos a week. But don’t listen to me. Here are what my
critics are saying: “Daily Rant needs to delete himself from the Internet because he
doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.”; “I just wasted 6 minutes of my
life watching this garbage. Where can I get a refund?”; “You’re so negative. You
should probably quit YouTube because you’re making me and everybody else depressed.” As you can tell, satisfied customers! Clearly
I’m doing something right to elicit such emotional responses. Yes, I’m not for everyone.
I’m sometimes sarcastic. I’m sometimes silly. I usually don’t listen to people
and I don’t like authority. Even YouTube advised me to only make a 30-second trailer,
but I wouldn’t even listen to them! If you watch any of my videos, you’ll find
there’s lots of things I don’t like about the world (well, more specifically, about
the people in it). But one thing that I can guarantee, is that I’ll be honest. I only
speak truth, sometimes disguised as sarcasm, but truth all the same. Despite what my critics
say, I’m not going away. As I said at the start, “The more you care about what other
people think of you, the more you live a life that isn’t yours.” If you want to hear some honest conversation
— something that is severely lacking on YouTube — subscribe to Daily Rant Australia