“I do wish I would have came sooner. That’s probably my biggest regrets. I think about it all the time. I was
thinking, man if I would went sooner and seek help you
know , there’s help out there. People just don’t
know it, especially this type of help you know. “The attorney that we’ve been working
with, he is taking his time he’s answered our questions. Everyone here has been really nice and basically
embraced us because we were scared and embarrassed and we felt like everyone’s gonna point
their finger at you and it hasn’t felt that. It just fells like you know, it’s like we
have a business meeting.” “From the very first meeting, I think within
the first five minutes of the meeting, we we both knew that, this is what we needed
to do. We fell the ease and we felt that a huge weight
lifted off our shoulders just from talking with the lawyer.” “Stop whatever you’re doing. It doesn’t hurt call and ask. Once you hang up the phone from the first
initial phone call, or first initial confrontation, you’ll gonna feel so much at ease.”