For weeks, the Berlin government’s “climate” measures have outraged the public by their “half-heartedness,” “lack of courage,” and “indifference,” and it is also reported in the rest of Europe, because of its tenacious insistence on maintaining its pollutant industrial policy. Others also have reckless industrial policies. However, Germany is the world’s fourth largest economic power – with a per capita carbon dioxide rate higher than China’s per capita rate. One could have already guessed, what was to be expected from Germany’s new “climate” policy, when, in February 2019, Chancellor Merkel insinuated that the pupil’s mass protests could be the work of hybrid warfare. Original Sound Merkel: “Europe has adversaries. Hybrid warfare from Russia can be felt every day in every European country.” “This hybrid warfare in the internet is hard to detect, because you suddenly have movements that you wouldn’t have thought would appear – always around a deficiency. In Germany now, children are protesting for climate protection – that is a really important issue. But you can’t imagine that all German children, after years, and without any outside influence, suddenly hit on the idea that they have to take part in these protests.” But what should one imagine? Foreign powers luring German children in a secret war? Or is Berlin disturbed by these mass protests, because it desperately needs the depletion of “climate” – to rise in the ranks of international competition – in the struggle for global dominance over nature? In Europe, Germany is the one depleting “climate” and global nature most intensively. What is taking place on Europe’s streets, the constantly increasing commodity transit, is being driven by the dynamics of the economy, which Berlin commands throughout Europe – all the way to the Middle East. Six of the EU’s nine trans-European commodity routes pass through Germany. They are based on plans conceived during the Nazi period, but, this is nothing specific to the Nazis. It is the continuum of German economic power and pollution production in Europe, extending through all German governments in the past 100 years. Today, German commodity trade rolls like from a commodity assembly line and clogs up Germany’s neighboring countries. Austria is affected to such an extent that a temporary border closure was provoked. But on its home territory, Germany delays the expansion of its railroad as a transit relief. The rail network has been drastically reduced. Germany shrugs off to other countries the consequences of its industrial overexploitation of nature. It is not the only one. However, in the United Nations, Germany’s Foreign Minister brags of a “sustainability Alliance,” to “(not) lose the race against climate change.” In the meantime, German industrial enterprises are buying letters of indulgence to do trade with pollution – even by paying poor and de-industrialized countries. Whoever invests EU letters of indulgence in developing countries, obtains a pollution allowance. At their European production sites, the industrial companies may continue their current production and save on environmental protection measures. Poorer nations are being used as “climate” reserves for the rich. In Germany, more CO2 per-capita gets into the atmosphere than for the population of India, more than five times as much. Regardless, India, South America, Africa and China are branded as polluters. But, they had hardly participated in the industrial heating of the atmosphere over the past 200 years. They were living in colonial agricultural destitution, while the colonial masters were becoming rich in the home countries on the fruits of their misery – with coal and combustibles of all sorts. It is this industrial extravagance at the expense of the environment in the western hemisphere, that first inflated the pollutant potential of fossil fuels, in the first place – and hundreds of thousands paid for this with their health. Those who caused the current situation, threatening the entire globe, are responsible – in EU Europe, especially in Germany with its enormous contribution of pollution. Why is the German “climate” policy not ready to make a radical reversal of its course? Berlin rather bemoans the demolition of the Amazon region, than to restore what has been destroyed over the past 200 years on its own continent and elsewhere. Berlin persists in its “climate” colonialism of the past – and is transforming it into the imperial: competition for becoming the ruler of the world’s nature – a struggle for the last reserves – globally and market conform, and if necessary by force and through warfare.