As a development manager, it’s my job to constantly ask my team what we can do differently,
what can we do better and how can we fundamentally change the customer experience to enhance their day
to day? Here at InfoTrack we accept we need to adopt
the idea of continual change and continuous improvement. That’s why developing REVEAL,
our superior data visualisation product has been such a pleasure. REVEAL offers users
the ability to reduce their hours spent on interpreting ASIC and PPSR search data – it
gives them a far easier way of analysing, interpreting and presenting information
so that the client at the other end of the spectrum is benefiting more from clearly laid
out data. Developing REVEAL and enhancing it with features like shareholders percentages, historic time line has saved our clients hours and hours improving their workflow efficiency. Bringing REVEAL to life has allowed us to literally
give our clients the gift of time. REVEAL came about through client feedback That has been one of the keys of InfoTrack’s success, is always asking our clients as to what new features they want to do their day-to-day legal work. I know for myself, working in a law firm over twenty years ago, how much time it does take to do a number of searches, it’s quite manual, it’s driven by raw extracts that need to be interpreted manually and that does take a lot of time. REVEAL actually then visualises all of that information and that would have been key back twenty years ago when i was working in that law firm to be able to have REVEAL, to be able to visualise all of the searches that I was doing. One of the greatest experiences with REVEAL is actually hearing the “ooo’s”and “ahh’s” that we get from clients when we first show REVEAL, that was one of the greatest things that actually happened throughout the first initial stages of REVEAL coming to market it was absolutely fantastic Since that launch our customers have created 7000 REVEAL work spaces so we know we have really hit the mark with REVEAL. Demonstrating REVEAL to the industry has been a highlight for my team and I this year. The look of utter disbelief and sheer delight on peoples faces when they realise just how relevant REVEAL is to what they do and how much time it can save them in the course of their work has been absolutely priceless. We have always had on average about 100 clients a month that move to InfoTrack, REVEAL is just one more reason why that is a very smart move. The beauty of REVEAL is that it is free to use as long as you order your searches through InfoTrack. Becoming an InfoTrack client is incredibly easy, there’s no term of service, no monthly spend, and no contract. You simply pay us for the searches you order. People ask me, “where’s the catch?”, to be honest there isn’t one. When you have a product that is only 12 weeks old and it is already being used by more than half of your 5000+ strong client base, you know that you have a product that is making a real difference to solicitors, insolvency practitioners, accountants, bankers and any other number of industry professionals. Ordering and analysing corporate searches simply doesn’t get any easier. Neither does selling REVEAL actually, to be honest, it sells itself.