I appreciate the fact that you are a Christian
based company. You don’t have to talk about giving and yet
you do, so somebody’s listening to your show for the first time. They’ve got a messed up budget and everything
else. You still tell them to give. Talk about partnership with God and what that
means. Well to me it’s pretty simple. God’s ways work, the others don’t. I’ve tried it both. I was stupid, went broke, didn’t do it that
way. I’m going to do it God’s way. And so when I read about how to handle money
in the scriptures, and I’ve done that for 30 years. I’ve studied the scriptures over and over. When you teach on something everybody challenges
you so I’ve been challenged. I’ve heard those good Christian arguments,
right? This is what I do. Everywhere in Scripture you talk about giving,
it’s first. It’s first, it’s first, it’s first. Now this is my heavenly father who’s crazy
about me. I’m crazy about my grandkids. He loves me more. If we being evil know how to give our kids
gifts, how much more our father in heaven. So even more than I love them, and he’s saying
hey Dave, here son, here’s how you live. The first thing you do is you give. Now, I can try to intellectualize that, I
can try to figure it out, or I can go yes sir. And I’ll reap the benefits. Now, you can intellectualize it. You can start to understand it. And you should as you mature in your faith. Blind faith is one thing I guess, faith that’s
well thought out is another. I don’t have any problem with that at all. But the bottom line is that’s where I started. The tithe is off the top, it’s the first fruits
before I do anything else. It’s a baseline for my giving to my local
church. The local church is a representation of the
Old Testament storehouse, takes care of the widows, the orphans and the Levites. The preachers, the single moms and the babies
that need to be fed. That’s what the local church is called to
do. So you pour your tithe into that storehouse. And I’ve done that. And it’s no guarantee that if you just do
that, you’re gonna win. You can be dumb with everything else and still
fail. Right. We’re not talking about prosperity Gospel. I tithed all the way into bankruptcy court. So I know it didn’t work. And I tithed all the way out. One lady said you don’t have enough faith. I said that’s all I’ve got left. They took everything else. Giving for me as a financial guy, and as a
guy, for me it’s practical. It’s what the formula is to win. Do the formula. Don’t do the formula? You’re not going to win. This is the formula. God says it. Either you believe in him or you don’t. Either you believe that Bible is his word,
or you don’t. And if you do, then do it. Now, once you start doing it, you start to
think about ok, why is this working? Then you can get into that well thought out
faith phase. What you start to realize is giving people,
generous people are happy people. Generous people are attractive. You want to be around selfish people? I don’t want to be around selfish people. They look like they’re weaned on a pickle. I want to be around people that are happy
and attractive. The guy that opens the door. The gal that helps you pick up your groceries
cause they’re rolling around the parking lot cause the bottom fell out of your bag. These are generous people. You think of people that are generous. They’re selfless, not selfish. And every time I give it makes me more of
that guy than the other guy. Which is who that guy is. Exactly. And what ends up happening is I’m attractive. And attractive people, they end up successful. It’s strange. Selfish people don’t end up successful. Cause nobody wants to help them. Nobody wants to be there for them. Everybody wants them to fall down. And they do fall down. So, I think it’s an equation. It’s a Biblical, God, heaven-based equation.