welcome back a crucial deadline is fast approaching for folks looking to get hundreds of thousands of dollars back our Lehren Livingston is still on the case of the contractor accused of leaving dozens of homeowners high and dry but I need my money I need my money and she’s just one of at least 100 customers who forked over more than 330 thousand dollars in deposits and payments for hurricane shutters doors and impact windows to exclusive doors and windows LLC all of those customers now listed as creditors in the company’s bankruptcy filings that’s a shame that is a shame Lewis any questions can go to my lawyer Louise Pimentel owns the company which filed for chapter 7 protection back in February due to alleged cashflow and mismanagement issues the one customer got suspicious after finding workers outside of this Hialeah Gardens warehouse just days after that filing weeks after leaving its original location and months after the company changed its name for a second time and of course if this business has been operating after they filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy that’s going to be strong evidence of a bad faith conduct the state attorney general’s Consumer Protection Division is also looking into more than a dozen complaints made against the company by customers who’d paid close to 60 thousand dollars for work they never saw all of it prompting the bankruptcy trustee to call the allegations against Pimentel and his company by several purportedly defrauded customers troubling and encouraged anyone with a claim to file one by the deadline as of this week more than 30 claims have been filed totaling nearly four hundred thirty thousand dollars and that number is likely to grow give people their money back and that deadline is this Monday April 22nd that’s when those proof of claims have to be filed with the bankruptcy court and a reminder bankruptcy experts say if you paid a deposit or hand it over any money but never saw any work or materials your claim is entitled to priority treatment under the law we’ve got that info for you at local 10.com just look forward and to leave it to Lehren section ok Lehren thanks a lot do you have a problem you want to leave to Lehren send an email to Lehren at local 10.com that spelled la yro an at local 10.com