while a lot of people think that debt
collectors and bailiffs are the same they’re not and it’s important that you
know the difference. However it’s best that we first debunk two myths about bailiffs and debt collectors. If you’re behind on payments to a catalogue, a store card, bank overdraft or loan, as long as the courts haven’t been
involved a bailiff won’t get involved. And secondly if a creditor threatens to
send debt collectors, it’s a myth that these are bailiffs. Debt collectors have no legal powers at all. Home visits from debt collectors are not as common as people might think. Debt collection agencies usually rely on letters and phone calls to contact you. If a debt collector does come to your door,
ask them to leave and request that the company employing them only contact you by letter. If you’re worried about debt collectors or bailiffs visiting you at home contact our Helpline now. Or use our online advice tool, Debt Remedy.