Hi folks, my name is Sergei Lemberg and I
want to talk to you today about debt collection validation notices. Here are
the 5 things to know about debt collection validation notices. First things
first though. I’m an FDCPA lawyer. My firm has helped
thousands of people enforce their FDCPA rights and we can
help you if your rights have been violated. Now, here of the 5 things. Thing number
1: When a debt collector’s seeking to collect
money from you, within five days (so their first contact with you), they must send
you a validation notice. That’s right so today, day one, they call you. Within
5 days of today, they have to send you a debt collection validation notice that
explains to you effectively your debt collection validation rights. Number 2: When you are in debt, open the letters from debt
collectors. Read these notices, don’t ignore them! Why? Number 1: If you don’t respond to the notice, the
debt collector has the right to assume that the debt is valid. Of course the second reason is, if you actually
respond to the notice, you can buy yourself time and space to deal with
the debt. Number 3: What is the notice? The notices the first
communication from the debt collector. It gives you are your rights and the Fair
Debt Collection Act to dispute the debt. That’s right, you have a right to dispute
the debt and make the debt collector provide validation of the debt to you. The notice has to have the name of the
original creditor, the amount of the debt, and the name of the debt collectors
that is collecting the debt from you. The thing to know number 4 is dispute the debt When you get that notice and
then gives you the right to dispute within 30 days, dispute it. Now, how do you dispute? There are lots of
sample forms online that are complicated. You don’t have to do anything other than take the letter, get a pen, right across the latter
“dispute” just like i’m doing here, and send it back to the debt collector. That’s enough to trigger your dispute
validation rights. You can also tell them not to contact you so write, “Dispute, do not contact me”, and the only way they can contact you after
that is by mail or of course they can sue you. The fifth thing to know is if they don’t provide you validation, they can’t collect. So until they validated the debt,
they can’t collect. If they don’t validate, they can’t ask you for money. Now
lots of debt collectors screw this up and you may have a fair debt collection
case. If you have questions or if you have a case about fair debt collection
right or rights about validation notices, give us a call, let us know. We’ve helped
thousands of people with their FDCPA problems, we can help you. Thank you
for listening! Here are the five things you need to know about validation rights.