did you know that most debt collection agencies are actually debt scavengers come over here and I’m going to explain to you why I believe that you should never pay a debt collector debt collectors typically in most cases are just debt scavengers what that means is that means that they go to a creditor like Capital One Citi Bank of America Wells Fargo and they purchase a spreadsheet of debt now what they’re doing is they’re just buying an Excel spreadsheet with name phone number address and the listed debt amount they aren’t actually buying any of the paperwork that really verifies and validates this debt so what I find is about ninety percent of the time when we really go in and challenge a debt collector and ask them to prove the validity of the debt and to furnish the paperwork they are really not able to and you know what they’ll do if they’re not able to furnish that paperwork they’ve got to remove the account from your credit and stop contacting you I never recommend that you just run out and go pay a debt collector before they validate that the debt is actually owned by them and that they have the right to collect on it even if a debt collector Sue’s you a lot of the time in court if you have a good attorney that debt collector won’t be able to show the right paperwork they’re just accusing you without being able to show the proof and since the debt collectors by this debt at a significant discount and we’re talking pennies on the dollar they only need to collect on a few of the accounts on that Excel spreadsheet to make their money back and debt collectors are massive massive companies that make a ton of money so don’t fall victim to one of these debt collector scams request a validation be aggressive and know your credit rights my name is Jesse Rodriguez with credit CEO if you found this to be helpful please subscribe to our channel like the video and leave me a positive comment if you guys have questions or concerns you can put them in the comments section and I read every single comment because I genuinely care and love you guys so I will see you on the next video and I look forward to it