which is what rich people do by the way
friends that’s how rich people get rich. today I’m hoping to bring you as a
motivation especially if you are in your debt free journey I’m gonna be teaming
up with my girl Sarah from a budget girl you guys know I love Sarah and we’re
gonna be sharing that some things that we’re able to do
now that we are debt-free and so many of you have been on a debt free journey
trust me I have been there I have gone from living paycheck to paycheck to
paying off my debt and now I share all of the things that we’ve learned along
the way and all of the money lessons and everything so if you’re new to freedom
in a budget coming over from Sarah’s channel I hope they subscribe join the
family I put out couple videos a week and motivation and things that can teach
you about money so I hope that you join the YouTube of freedom and a budget
family so like I said I have paid off all my student loans and that process it
sucks let’s be honest it was not fun it was long it was hard and there were
times where I didn’t know if we could do it I didn’t know if we could continue on
this journey but I look to people that inspired me and I look to people that
were in the race with me and there were a little bit farther ahead of me and I
really use that as motivation to get out of debt to stay motivated so Sarah night
we both paid off our debt and we are able to do some really really fun of
things and now that we’re debt-free so we hope that this video is just
something that inspires you and gets you gets you excited about the future and
comment down below what is something that you cannot wait to do when you were
debt free I would love to hear from you and that would just be so fun so
inspired to just to get dreaming and let me know down below in the comments what
something you want to do when your debt free before we get into the video scroll
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YouTube algorithm after you watching this video head over to Sarah Channel
I’ll have it linked down below and she is doing a video that I am in as well
but things that we do differently now that we’re debt-free and it’s really
cool just to see how we do life differently now that we’re debt-free we
are doing some really really fun and exciting things so go check out sarah’s
video as well all right we are here at same time with Tara from
budget girl I’m so excited so as you guys know we are both debt-free which is
absolutely amazing and we’re starting to get into some really really fun that
parts of life and fun things that were able to do now that we’re debt-free and
so we are both dreamers if you guys didn’t know already we are big big
dreamers and so we just want to talk about what are things that we’re moving
into what are some of the things that you’re so excited to get into now that
you’re debt-free you have that extra money go what a separate future look
like yeah for a future so short-term I am saving for kind of the next phase of
my money journey which is a multi-family property where I will house happen so
the plan is essentially to purchase a duplex or maybe a three Plex and move
into one of the units ran out the other two and use the rented income to pay my
mortgage for me essentially eliminating housing costs it’s crazy
which would obviously open up a big portion of my income and yeah there’s
all the stuff about you know repairs and stuff like that but I’m financially
prepared for those as well so that’s a big next step yeah as far as like
business goals and Finance goals it’s a whole nother stream of income that I’m
getting into in multiple streams of income our support like we have our day
job we have our you know our youtube-channel business and everything
and like this is a whole nother stream for you like that’s a little a third one
and I didn’t think that would be yeah I know I never buy a house yeah that’s
cool and it one for me is just getting into that investing deeper and you guys
have seen on my channel with Robin Hood and different things that we starting to
invest but really like dig into that really learn more and just have that
money to I noticed a play with it but kind of you know it’s really fun buying
socks and and different things like that and just learning that whole realm and
really getting me into our retirement and every
it’s so cool so I also really want to do some more exploratory investing so I
right now I’m pretty sad I’m contributing a large amount to my
retirement I’m committing committing a large amount to very safe index funds
and some traps that are all but assured unless the world explodes so I will be
fine but I’ve now found that I have a little extra money to play with yep that
I can use to maybe do some more experimental stuff so I single stats are
not my favorite but I could play a little bit widows just see what
opportunities might come up for me to invest and maybe grow income outside of
the very safe stuff yeah in a way that won’t affect me or hurt me gambling with
my retirement here this is some extra money that I’ve been able to find to
potentially more quickly grow well yeah so which is what rich people do by the
way then that’s how rich people get riches they have this money to throw at
the wall and see what six and if a couple little things fail that’s fine
yeah they have some stuff that goes really crazy so it’s strangely thinking
of myself yeah in that way but there’s also very little risk there because I’m
set otherwise yeah that’s crazy another one for me is traveling more and
it’s one of like my bucket bucket list items I don’t know how much I’ve talked
about it on my channel but you guys know that I sponsor leandro from El Salvador
is being able to me a child that we sponsor and I meet that a child that
we’ve been pouring into their life financially and you know writing letters
and stuff but able to go to that country and meet them like that has just been a
dream of mine since I was a little kid and we just felt sponsored children when
I was a child and so that is just something that we’re so looking forward
to I think able to do I think that’s just going to be
the coolest thing yeah and that he’ll finally get to meet you guys yeah I’ll
get to meet him I think you’re gonna cry the whole time oh I’m sure I’ll be a
basket case yeah basket case that’s really amazing
and I love that you do that kind of like exploratory kind of the endless giving
you have a fun set aside where yeah my spontaneous giving yeah fun where if you
feel lead you just have a place to give and it doesn’t hurt you actually it’s
the extra money that’s not that like oh should we can we fit in the butter are
we gonna sacrifice like it’s already there like the money is there just write
a check just a puppet give the money it’s even meant to be used to you’re
looking out for places to get I have a little bitty fun for that too and it’s
it’s really fun to do yeah what are some other ones a year so hopefully in
addition to a house I’ll be cash flowing a wedding one day Jacob get a ring on
the finger come on so that would be fun okay a little bit
what about you and like hopefully hopefully some kids not that the house
is um and everything so we’re talking about fuck no kids that’s a pretty
expensive decision and you know a wedding is like a one-time thing
kisses next 18 years oh yeah you’re gonna commit some fun to that like this
so that’s a pretty big future place where you’re gonna be spending money how
much more confident do you feel now about being prepared financially for
kids yeah then you did maybe like three years ago and anyway I have you know
friends that have gotten pregnant and you know start high kids and it’s like
holy crap how are we gonna afford this what are we gonna do and now it’s for us
it’s like you know it’ll be more of a blessing for us and we can be a blessing
for that child but not have that additional financial stress on top of
everything you know I think kids is already stressful enough you know
that we want to really enjoy that process enjoy them so financially this
isn’t going to be a burden on your life at all you’re completely and totally
prepared for this yeah that’s really exciting motional II I don’t know so
much Jamie’s a little nervous no but it’ll be okay what about more cats
I don’t know Jamie suck it – maybe dogs we want some dogs okay yeah I got the
new dog from addy who looks like dog emoji
I’ll make Kelly put up a picture of her because I want everyone to see Maggie we
will have Maggie yes so yeah those are some really big things we have planned
for the future that I couldn’t anticipate back when I was in debt I
couldn’t even dream about that time when I was in debt I essentially I don’t know
if you feel this way or not but I don’t really worry about money anymore no no
it’s not a stress especially with you know stresses that come up in your life
like a car breaking down or something like that that’s already such a
stressful situation enough that you have to deal with this car I’m 95 with cars
going by it you don’t want to have to worry about the the money stress as well
so many people are like it’s an emergency but then a financial emergency
as well things like that that come up it’s not a financial emergency and I
just have to deal with that situation at hand for the money it’s okay we have
emergency funds a nail in my tire used to ruin my mom Oh Mike it was it was not
just an inconvenience it was a how the heck am I gonna pay for this yeah and
now that sucks but yeah it’s yeah it’s inconvenient but it’s not life ending
and the mental space that I have now for new things is so big when I don’t
necessarily have to worry about not being able to retire not being able to
like pay rent not being able to have the things that I want to do it’s such a
blessing yeah I didn’t have the mental space before to do that now I can dream
yeah dreaming so cool so awesome maybe you guys could tell us your money dreams
yeah I’m in Stanley always please let us know your money dreams down below yeah
and if you’re still in kind of the debt free journey and you don’t quite have
the bandwidth for big money tell us that you are your dream is
becoming debt-free yes we want to root for you on there we’ve been there we
remember it not fondly but we remember it and how important but stressful that
was yeah but keeping that goal keeping that why in front of you it’s so
important you know whether you’re wise to have kids you’re wise to buy a house
you’re wise to have a retirement you know maybe your parents or your
grandparents didn’t have a retirement and make that your why that’s so
important maybe your why is being able to take care of your parents yeah
they’re financially stable or your kids yeah or I have ten cats
please don’t get Daniel Supper I don’t have to worry about that all right well
thank you so much budget girls at any time that’s all so much done guys check
out all of her information below he has an awesome channel awesome blase it
she’s amazing so go check her out you don’t know where but I’m sure you do we have too much fun get in trouble
we’re in trouble right now we’re over time alright guys that was so much fun I
absolutely love hanging out with Sara every second I get with Sara it is just
so much fun it’s such a joy she is awesome and next up is how I say 56% of
my income it’s crazy go check that out next