RICHARD>>Got Richard, go! Aw, hey, ugh, so
great to hear from you. Aw, Uh, I’m glad we got
all that craziness out of the way. Now Richard is gonna help you and Ben turn that
savings into investments. Hello…hello?! RICKY>>Muahahahaha, do you know what it’s
like to put a years worth of power packs on credit cards… do you?
RICHARD>>Who is this? RICKY>>This is Secret_Admirer1, or should
I say, Ben? I have your savings now to pay for the credit card debt. And I have the
pig. She’s got a smart mouth on her, but soon I’m gonna put her on a diet that will
shut her up for good! RICHARD>>You’ve got Richard, not Ben! And
nobody gets in the way of savings! RICHARD>>Ugh… credit cards…
I never knew getting rid of debt could be so painful. Hey pal, are you there? I’m getting
a bad feeling… I don’t think I’m gonna make it.
POLICE>>Hey there, Richard Richard, I got this, just hold on.
RICHARD>>Like I said, it all depends on the man upstairs…upstairs. Wait you.. you lied.
POLICE>>Hold on cowboy, I’m on my way! RICHARD>>Where I am? What is this? These
are bills! On my god, I’ve never seen so many. A lot of credit termination…failure to pay…healthy
interest rates.. Barry Manilow… man, I can’t even look.
RICKY>>So, she got a kayak and saved money? That’s impossible… but now the tables are
gonna turn. Muwhahaha… RICHARD>>Ha…ha… well, you know what they
say? Yippee-kayak. Mother? RICHARD>>Hey, Richard’s on the way up…
and so are your dividends! Ha!