– [Narrator] NPT Reports, Aging Matters. (light music) – My name is Linda
Hall, I’m with Legal Aid of East Tennessee. Today, we are at the Senior Center in Meigs County. We did a presentation
on debt-related issues, which is a huge problem
in the senior community. We’re gonna talk about what kind of debts there are, and we’re gonna spend the most of our time talking today about what happens if you
don’t pay those debts. As a senior, you don’t have the option to go pick up an extra shift, or go down and get a loan
at a traditional bank, because you don’t have a source of income that’s gonna qualify you. And so the debt that I’m seeing is really, sometimes out of desperation, and sometimes because it’s either get the debt and live, and
get your medication, or put groceries on your table, or die, in some cases. Pretty much any civil legal issue that you have that affects your ability to keep a roof over your head, and food on your table, and affects your safety and well-being we can assist with. So please call us. All of the legal services are free of charge to you. We go to senior centers
all over East Tennessee. The seniors in these
rural communities really don’t have access to
legal services at all, and maybe don’t even know that there is a resource that would allow them to level the playing field, and to be able to seek the court system without having to pay an attorney. The whole purpose behind
the Tennessee Senior Law Alliance is to get
into the rural areas in Tennessee and provide
access to legal services that they may not otherwise have.