Hi folks, I’m Sergei Lemberg. I run Lemberg Law, a consumer law firm that
sponsors the website StopCollector.com. We do not charge consumers for our services
and we have recovered more than thirty million dollars for more than ten thousand clients. If Debt Recovery Solutions is harassing you,
calling your cell phone, friends or family, lying to you in any way, turn the tables. Pick up the phone and give us a call. Let me tell you a couple of things about Debt
Recovery Solutions. They’re based in Westbury, New York. Started business in 2002 and is also a debt
buyer. They do third-party collection work as well
and they’ve been sued 19 times in federal courts. If Debt Recovery Solutions is calling you,
they could be violating the law – whether or not you actually owe the debt. They could be violating the Telephone Consumer
Protection Act by robocalling you on your cell phone without your consent or after you
told them to stop. Under the TCPA, you could get up to fifteen
hundred dollars for each violation. They could also be breaking the Fair Debt
Collection Practices Act by repeatedly calling or harassing you; threatening you; lying to
you; failing to tell you that they’re debt collectors; calling you at work after you
tell them not to; talking to others about your debt; or a variety of other illegal conduct. Under the FDCPA, if they violate your rights
you could get up to a thousand dollars plus free legal help. There’s only one way to find out. Give us a call. We’ll be glad to talk to you. Our representation is free for you. Don’t wait. Don’t take it on the chin. Pick up the phone. Call us today.