Once Charlie came, the maternity pay started and the dramatic drop in her pay just crippled us. It was like half the money gone. I was working all the hours God sends. I was on my own, obviously with a young baby and tired and I just thought he didn’t want to be at home. And then obviously I did share my thoughts with him and he said, well we need the money coming in because obviously he didn’t tell me the full extent of all the bills. And then eventually the solution came about when I saw the poster at work and we got in touch with the charity who helped guide us. Since we’ve obviously got advice it has eased it because we are arguing less and we understand each other more. We are just trying to stick together but there are the odd things that we have separate. She’ll pay £5 a month, I think it is, for this radio station so she can listen to all the games and get the news. I have the odd bet here and there. I’d say we’re a solid couple and have been for a long time but we’ve had to work at being a solid couple and I’d say we still have to work at it.