I got pregnant early on in the relationship. My financial situation wasn’t the best. Went off the rails a little bit. We ended up moving in together, I wasn’t entitled to any maternity benefits. I personally had debt. I lied a little bit about how much debt I was in. We went to the pub on a date and I remember paying for a £7 round of drinks on my MasterCard! So I always had an inkling but I didn’t want to put her on the spot and ask her the question. I wanted her to come to me. I think I said it was about £3,000 and then I might have said it was like £5,000. So there was just a spiral of lies and then in the end it’s was just like, look, we’re having a baby together, we’re moving in together, we want to have a future together, I need to be honest with you and tell you exactly where I am with my debt. And it’s £9,000! And it’s £9,000. I was embarrassed, ashamed, didn’t want him to think any less of me. Scared of what he’d say or what he’d think of me. She opened up and told me the issues. I think I was proud that she’d come to me. I learnt the lesson that rather than bury my head in the sand, to share my problems and my issues. It’s really important that we communicate, even if it’s something that the person doesn’t want to hear. Cut down on the finer things until you get yourself sorted out. But the main thing I would say is act on it. You’ve got to be able to have some time for each other. That’s the key.