I was totally unaware. He was this big person with this amazing business that did so very well. At that time you could get credit cards like they were leaves on a tree. We had a business overdraft. Banks were throwing money around like it was going out of fashion. I was looking for ways out and just kept it all a secret. He was impossible to live with. And I said, look, I can’t take this anymore, something’s not right, are you having an affair? And he just burst into tears. He told me exactly what had gone on. I wanted to hit him. I wanted to leave him. I just felt betrayed. He hadn’t trusted me to tell me the truth. I didn’t have control of what was going on in my life and somebody else had to take control of what was happening because I was incapable of controlling it. I’m very wary now, so do I trust him a hundred percent after that? No, I don’t. The best advice that I can give anybody is to share the burden, with your loved one, you can’t cope with it alone. Take equal control over financial matters, make sure you know everything. If you’re supposed to be equal partners then that’s what you do.