SPEAKER 1: Government debt crisis,
austerity measures, defaults, bail-outs– these topics have dominated
the world economy in recent years. They have led people
to take to the streets, forced governments to step down,
and brought world leaders together in search of workable solutions. Understanding debt sustainability
is key to solving these issues. But what is debt sustainability? How is it analyzed? What causes debt crisis? And how can countries get their
debt levels under control? There are many questions. But there are also answers. Led by a team of experts from
the International Monetary Fund, this course will take you
from the introductory concepts to rich assessments, using
real country data, which in turn, will allow analysis and
the drawing of potential policy implications. IRINA YAKADINA: My
name is Irina Yakadina. I will introduce you to the main
principles of debt sustainability. Together, we will learn about
public and external debt, what drives its dynamics, and what will
it take to stop debt from spiralling? ADINA POPESCU: My name is Adina Popescu. I will guide you through the new
IMF framework for public debt sustainability analysis for advanced
and emerging market countries. This part will be hands-on,
so you will be working a lot with data and with
interesting country examples. MARIA OLIVA: My name is Maria Oliva. I will be walking you through the
medium-term debt management strategy framework. We will be discussing the
vulnerabilities of your sovereign debt portfolio, and how to improve the new
borrowing strategies available to you. MACHIKO NARITA: Hi. My name is Machiko Narita. I will lead you through
the debt sustainability framework for low income countries. In this part of the course, we
will analyze a model economy and study real country examples. And I will provide you
with some tips on how to apply this analysis to your country. XAVIER DEBRUN: Hi. My name is Xavier Debrun. Together, we will explore the methods
and tools allowing us to understand and map the uncertainty surrounding
debt sustainability assessments. SPEAKER 1: Whether you are a
government official working on debt sustainability, or
someone who is simply curious, we hope that you will join us in
this comprehensive study of one of the most critical and current
issues in economic policy today.