(lone violin plays) Main menu: For balance, payments, and billing inquiries, press one. [touch tone beep] Payment menu: To check your account balance, press one. To pay your bill, press two. I need to talk to a person. A living, breathing human being! Fifteen thousand emails wasn’t enough? Do you think a pink letter would compel me to pay? Who sends snail mail anyway? Pink snail mail! Fucking cunts! (lone violin plays) (violin fades ) (intense strings play) Excuse me. Do you know what time he’s due– [door slams] (snaps fingers) Have you ever seen so many in one place? Who reads paper? He’s not only a dead beat, he’s a tree killer. Can’t feel bad about this one. [sirens wail] I wonder how long we have to wait. He doesn’t even have a TV. [sirens wail] (intense strings play) [sirens grow louder] (tense string music) [keys jingle outside] [lock clicks] [door slams] (grunts) [taser crackles] [muffled noises] [loud slap] (ragged breathing) Gotta be conscious, or it just won’t take. Open your eyes! You knew the conditions when you sign the loan? Yet, you still defaulted. This won’t take a minute, if you just sit still and open your eyes. I tried. I sold everything. It’s not my fault the economy tanked. Oh, come on now. You’re a professor. Profs make green. Adjunct! Adjunct professor! Why do you think I’m wearing this? I had to take a second job as a waiter so I can eat. Save it. I earned that degree. Literature? If you’d gotten a STEM degree, we wouldn’t be here right now. She’s right. Engineers do quite well. Not everyone’s suited to math. He does have a point. This will all be over in a minute. No one could keep up with those interest rates. No one. I’m doing the best I can! Shut up! Open your eyes! And, sit still. You can’t do this! We can. You’re still pretty young. It’s not too late to start over. You can always go back. Get another degree. I learned that PhD! STEM. It’s mine! STEM. Can you leave the novels? Some stories? Nope. Poems at least? Don’t worry. Anything you read before you started your degrees, will still be there. Everything else belongs to Tally Faye. You can keep the trees. This isn’t fair. You don’t make your house payment, bank takes your house. Miss your car payment, the dealer repos your wheels. Default on your student loan, we collect your education. Please. Please. It’s going to be okay. You’ll have a slight bit of amnesia for the first few minutes. After that, you’ll still be you. How can you even say that? (yells) [heart pounds loudly] (yells and screams) (strings play wildly) [heart grows louder] (strings crescendo) [pounding slows and fades] (lone violin plays)