I spoke with a professional and also an attorney about this account and they notified me that it is actually passed the federal statute of limitations so it should be immediately deleted from the credit profile and I wanted to just get a verification from you and a letter that states that you are removing it “Ok let me take look at your date of service here. Ok looks like you are correct and i will take care of that, i will get your e-mail and get that letter out to you tonight.” (Debt Collector) cani request it by fax as well um okay thank you how much longer are you in the office for? so if I don’t receive it in the next half hour I’m going to call you again alrighty thank you all right bye-bye if you found this video to be helpful please like it subscribe to our channel and leave us a positive comment below I read all of the comments and I love you guys so keep up the great work and i will see you on the next video you