As I went into the bar they annouced on the
intercom that whoever is in the parking lot, there car is getting towed. I wen t out and
all the cars that were in that lot were gone except for mine. Mine was getting ready to
get put on the lift. And we had a little discussion saying well, “Can you give me $80 and I will
release your car”, and I told him “No, can you wait? I ain’t got $80 but I have a friend
that can bring it over.” And he said “Yes” and a few minutes later he got tired and said
“No” so I said, “Before you take my truck can I get something out of my truck?” and
as I was walking towards my truck he pushed me into my truck and the back wheel caught
my ankle and broke it. I hit the floor and as soon as I hit the floor a buddy ran up
to me and said look at your foot, your foot was just laying to the side and that when
they called the cops and the ambulance and the guy that ran me over hopped in my truck
and took off and left me there in the ally. I seen a bunch of commercials so right away
I called the law firm and they said “Yup we will represent you.” I would recommend Bachus
and Schanker, very professional, very professional at what they do. You guys are on top of it.
Thank you for all what you have done for me, you’re very professional at what you do and
I would recommend you guys to anybody.