Most dogs are not fans of baths. They would much rather avoid being clean,
shampooed, and even blown dry. When a dog first gets a bath, it can either
be a memorable or forgettable experience. For one homeless dog in Oklahoma, her first
bath has the Internet clicking for more. Blossom, a once homeless dog who was living
on the porch of an empty house, was barely getting by. She was so afraid of humans that the rescue
group had difficulty getting close to her. Enough trust was gained after offering her
food and water. Once they got her to the shelter, a close
examination revealed severe skin problems. In order to get her the help she needed, a
bath was in order. In the video from Blossom’s first bath,
you can tell the dog has no idea what is happening. The caring, kind people at WOOF Pet Rescue
of Woodward Oklahoma took their time and treated her like a queen. Keep watching all the way to the end because
Blossom gets an adorable visitor before she snuggles into her blanket. Please ‘SHARE’ to pass on this video to a
friend or family member