why my very favorite gases with us today
again die by reverend D Alexandre Bolduc he is
the founder and national spokesperson for the change agent consortium and you can find that
over on Facebook dot com at actions CAAC so Facebook com slash action CACO Hey
Ram facebook.com action PHP T conosco action
PHP .org as well okay great thats even easier action CAAC as in chain agent consortium action see
AC dot org so I the courts have said that
the one group of people who actually kept their deal the workers Detroit who took pay cuts and vacation cuts and cuts in their in there benefits like
health care benefits in order to know that they would have a
good pension when they retired that those people can be screwed but the
people who really didn’t sacrifice anything and
didn’t make any kind a commitment I the bondholders and the and the
banksters they can be made whole do I have the
right I think you got it right i think judge Steven roles fail I Detroit with this decision are forty eight or so unit came together
put together a concession package are somewhere between 150 to 200 million
dollars attempted to negotiate in good faith out
where the state of Michigan with Governor Rick
Snyder and with his appointee emergency manager Kevin or it’s amazing
that just your role admitted that the emergency manager did
not negotiate in good faith with working people with
the labor movement with the unions in the city of Detroit are but despite that fact and despite
the fact that the Michigan State Constitution protects pensions despite those two fax are the retirees
in the city a bit rate are on the chopping block and remember are there a lot of stories coming out
about these blow it a pension payments that’s really not true to the case most
folks are receiving I’ll minimal pension
checks and need those checks greater heating bills to pay directed by
our food to eat and so are really you have the most vulnerable
citizens in the city of Detroit on the chopping block once again right plus that that’s going
to mean that there’s less money to spend less money in the pockets of average
working people or retired people in this case in stride Espana span which is going to be less
money in the community stores in and in the neighborhoods which is gonna
mean you know the downward spiral and it’s
gonna be more money in the pockets of the Wall Street banksters indeed indeed this really well so when for The Wall Street banks was it all a
controversy about whether or not I’ll picasso when the paintings Abia
would be on the chopping block versus content actually saw last soul many people come to rescue the pain as
opposed to the people and so I really think it really becomes
Ground Zero r4 a continued assault on the poor on
working people on the trade our union labor movement
and Kyle this was a really I believe a setback
people talk about the new Detroit that what emerged after bankruptcy it
will be a richer Detroit it will be a smaller
Detroit it will be a detroit where poor and working class people a different
branch s yes yes on and and a my understanding is that know who to
talk about the pains for second the trade Art Institute word lou is now used
to go to sunny services every Sunday back in the
seventies when we live there arm when self-realization fellowship SRF
used to head the have their Sunday services there are and would
wander around that are Art Institute after after church you
know it was just amazing place that that art is still on the chopping
block is not i mean aren’t aren’t the rich bodies have rick Snyder still celebrating to
possibly buy the stuff for you know what it’s amazing that got the tensions now they walk picasso indeed you’re
right they have our requested and independent audit ok all
of the assets obviously a bit rate which would include
the paintings and artwork in the BI eight and so we are now I believe and the stage up Detroit every
free market arbitrators Swami tradition has been stripped detroit has
been stripped away from prying understated Miskin picked up Belau I
believe the water department is on the way I and soul one of the key question will
be what access yet any will this video bitrate:
have as eric s to emerge from the bankruptcy
proceedings to move forward at amazing I mean the
assets will still be there there today they’re just moving from public hands into private hands they’re gonna be you
know donald Trump is going on some those pains instead the people at Detroit I mean not
necessarily down trop itself but that that level of konna you know New
York billionaire bankster that’s right NV guess is that might open
up the door are for for what was publicly how to become is
there any possibility we’re we’re talking with Evan D Anderson and
Alexander Bullock excuse me but he is the founder and national
spokesperson perch a change agent consortium the website action C a C dot org or over Facebook to
comment slash action CSC arm is there any by either any steps
laughter is a done deal I think we’ve gotta go to the United
States Supreme Court I’m home this case case has to get their course
now we’re talking about a longer time line of course there is a
plan there has to be shape and then
authorized by Judge Stephen rose of course we will we will be organizing
are to make sure there are some import in that plant but but I’m I must
say unfortunately we screen the Snyder administration dominate the
court system dominate the state legislature dominate
I obviously the governor’s mansion in
Seoul really there’s only one branch of government in Michigan right now any Snyder
provincial government Han Solo unless the federal government
come then attorney general’s office comes and well
we get this case fast track to the US Supreme Court
unfortunately it seems are like this train may have left the
station well and even if I guess the Supreme Court you have five crazy
right-wingers on the court can be so this is that this is a tough
one arm the I I’m gonna be doing it daily
take about this time I TV show you’re going to be on our TV show Two and and and and basically what I’m saying is that all other news networks everybody’s
talking about the bankruptcy in Detroit nobody’s
talking about the fact that this was caused by the deindustrialization America which
was stupid trade policy started under reagan and deregulating the banks which was
stupid economic policy to integrate I’m now I’m making every political I
know you probably don’t do that on Sun I can ask you to comment on
background our time but we need to be talkin I think about what
what this is filed as much as about what’s going on
to are already out and about thanks so much
for being with us thank you it is always honor sir to have
lunch program you are doing such great work