shed the workforce
and sell the equipment. But now, it’s all contaminated
with low-level radiation. – Nobody wants to touch it.
– [scoffing] Americans are so
uptight about radiation. They are. But the Russians are
a little less particular about
this sort of thing. I like it. Get two bids.
Drive up the price. – OK, that makes sense.
– On a different note,
you’ll notice that our colleague,
Doug Jacobson, has been
relieved of his duties. Mr. Jacobson led us right
to the edge, playing around
in the currency markets. As a consequence, tomorrow
morning, I want ten ideas
to make up for his mistakes. – What are you doing?
– I have an idea. An analyst… …has an idea.
OK, then. – [people groaning]
– Nice knowing you, buddy. – Sixth floor, stepping up.
– [men chuckling]