So why would you use
a personal loan… …for credit card
debt consolidation Well, for starters, your personal loan rate… …may be lower… …than your credit card rate. Also, when you have
multiple credit card debts… …of different sizes, growing at different
interest rates, keeping up may be hard, and paying down debt
even harder. A personal loan allows
you to consolidate… …these credit card
debts into one… …potentially lower rate loan. Which lets you focus
on just one payment, and commit to paying off the
loan after a fixed time frame. With a personal loan, you have
a fixed monthly payment, that you can budget for, and, you may also lower
your interest rate, and save money. Personal loans makes
sense for debts up to… …around thirty
thousand dollars. With terms ranging from
around three to seven years. So if you are considering
debt consolidation, and think a personal loan
might be right for you, visit Discover Personal Loans
to learn more.