Spanish export growth are well above those of China of the u.s. why because fans of the crisis Spain has become one of the most competitive countries in the world we just publish the research called the case for Spain and we argued three points in this research first you should avoid myths when thinking about Spain for instance many people say that Spaniards don’t work hard if you look at the statistics you will see that Spain is the third country in the developed countries with the longest hours worked second we argue that Spain is solvent and we argue that because assets total seven times our GDP and depth total 2.7 times our GDP this means a solvency situation however it is true that Spanish and a liquid country because eighty percent of our assets are invested in real estate this is why it is so important the fact that Spain is receiving liquidity by our the European friends and this liquidity will avoid Spain from turning into insolvency and third Spain can leave aside the crisis how by exports and tourism experts have rates 200 billion euros which is a historic record and tourism has reached 60 billion euros another historic record is this going to last yes why because we have one of the most competitive level forces in the world in terms of cost per hour in terms of productivity per head that’s why we are strongly believers that the external sector would be the one that will allow Spain to leave the crisis behind overall we believe that you could have your opinion Spain a do it with facts but with myths second we are a sovereign country third we can go through the external sector