My name is Nigel Mills, I work in a variety
of different areas of law. I describe myself, normally, as being a dispute resolution specialist
because that’s the easiest way of describing it really, so that’s basically what I do,
I deal with disputes, different sorts of disputes, so it’s in the area of things like probate
so I deal with inheritance disputes, that type of thing, I also do, probably about half
of my work is employment related so I do employment work and then general commercial disputes,
contractor disputes, that sort of thing. I guess the thing I’m most passionate about
is the client service, is that pleasure of actually doing something for the client, that
the client appreciates and people come to me with their problems and working them through
it and coming out with a solution, even if it’s not the ideal solution is a really enjoyable
thing to do and people do appreciate it, I get a lot of good feedback for the work that
I do. I’ve been in the law a long time, I’ve seen
an awful lot of different things and I’ve seen it from both sides of the fence, so I’ve
acted for employers and employees so I think that I know the game and I think other people
realise that when they talk to me, when they sit down with me and we go through the problems,
I get that sense that they know they’re dealing with someone who has been there and who has
seen it and has done it and can help them through it.
I’ve dealt with almost everything during my professional career, everything from ship
yards to large disputes relating to estates, to various different types of employment disputes
from the mundane, minor contractual issues up to the major claims involving senior directors
and that sort of thing so I’ve covered a huge range over my time in the law.