I’m going to… put this in… everyone’s journals. If you look at your journals, you’ll see see a thing. (whoa) It’s the potion there are. (oh that’ cool!) (Oh wow!) (00oooOOoo) Okay, click that, and you’ll see everything that’s for sale. Holy fuck! Heh, that’s very… WOW! …Convenient. Oh, Jesus Christ, I have like… No money. hAH! hahaha *Laughter* You can… pool your stuff together. (god) And if… if you want to come back to these shops (fuck…) because you change your mind and you wanna buy something you can. Nixie will offer to buy… this poor bird some potions. I DONTWAnt. (hold on…she) (hold on!) Your fucking. Charity. (Circe!) what? How did you roll? (*nixie giggling*) How did you roll for your money (*nixie cackling silently*) uhmmm… It was… 2d4 Times 10 so I got 40 (which is shit in this world) …cuz I- Yeah she’s a filthy druid. !!! ok So she doesn’t have as much money As everybody else. *LAFFS SOMEMORE* I’m just!.. I’m just going based off of what your class says That’s what it gave you, so IT’SFINE I don’t need material…possessions. its… its fine.. *and they still laugh at me*