welcome everybody venite would fear rich
promised the producer he’s who’s directing the program the dodgers matches gets darker in
bleaker everyday had to get a greek god refer to the
issues which’ll joystick good good doctors for but uh… uh… aware with shame so there are new developments today in
the pragma court cases so he filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy if those describes bankruptcy protection but bankruptcy protection is the same
thing as bankruptcy he bankrupt what he’s done in an effort to say that
that would go into bankruptcy court will let him keep the team until now the
baseball conceived hemophilia doesn’t make payroll but frank mccord his payroll at the end of this month or
on july fifteenth hurdles that is uh… staggering enough to people the los angeles dodger’s without going to bankruptcy court pay their players the best part of course the twenty one
million dollars in too many members of the eleven million dollars boat and rituals what about mark these gruesome markey’s
grissom on some deferred payment is on a couple million dollars from ickes or
wanted to go to salary hasn’t played there in ten years but at least that was part of a
restructuring of the contract that they made some degree of sense of time many were whereas seems just a barricade
but i think it’s largely the same thing uh… did you notice that one of the
creditors has been skelly for a hundred fifty two thousand clear i saw that he
still has not even halfway done with the seas that mean vince sculley deleted
three hundred thousand dollars a year suppose that’s ridiculous vince sculley half a million or i don’t show up to work mammal european perkins scully holdout honored did you see that the tissue net
people are trying to send it been sculley due to the world series overdue
book no i didn’t threatened and pretty much did you looks
bad boat young joe pine jackal subject flexibility you talking
about job still but is alive and well he’s
broadcasting games yet in front of the family okay uh… i’d like to know i’ll be like a dead man uh… high that was a great great i do
love knowledge what i just stopped that begets or so anyway so before ten a clear up it’s
staggering e kit pay is players so anyway uh… now we’ve reached
voiceless backers court reconcile here’s how you secured the financing
though yours will be here is argument bankruptcy court he gets alone he says from a hundred and
fifty million dollars from this group that’ll give him one
hundred fifty million bucks right but it’s it ten percent and there’s a four and a half million
dollar fee uh… four and a half million alert you know when you like read your phone
bill endemic what’s this dollar eighty nine feet it me whatever was to three dollar and fifty cent the fill up a bill on the phone four point five million dollars which is like a filing
fee plus ten percent atleast ten percent on a hundred fifty million because i
have to pay back a hundred and seventy million just to get the hundred and
fifty million and he doesn’t have the money what did you try to keep looking for he out of the likes baseball it is a lovely dialects baseball here’s the thing really into it he’s never really seem to part of the
l_a_ community plus he’s gonna lose half the team does white this is he’s got a wind too many battles and
baseball hates it we got the bsp commissioner in twenty
nine other owners they don’t want around pain i don’t make
it so anyway today in bankruptcy court actually reached you got it they got a
little handout from uh… from major league baseball
which i thought was interesting because what they’ve done is said misunderstood you know you know ten percent with a four point five
million dollar folly eight week with we can have this baseball is that we won’t charge of the
for natalie and our filing fee and we won’t charge is ten percent what
will you are hundred and fifty million dollars at seven percent so you can pay your for complex baseball is like look your deal is so
bad we hate you so much but the deal was too bad for us to stand idly by and what you can do it yourself so i will see whether the judge approves
this so maybe record doesn’t have to take that brutally are living in the stories you keep read
about the records and jamie and frank records their lavish lifestyle which if i just think that this has
always described as private planes how many baseball club team owners do
you think spent a lot of time flying i’m guessing not a lot so private planes there he private drivers and security to why do they need secure you don’t need security here frank
mccord for the love of god way up why did why wouldn’t they need
security from hole what it seems like a lot of people hate
that now with a handsome or do you know you know owner that you’re a dream
security goldberger restaurant if you get hurt noble calling like and it’s not like two guys invited
to standing behind them only half the states no but they’re paying them anyone you’d only security assaults that
they needed now began you’ll need security for crying out loud what could possibly happen to somebody
in a dodgy and that don’t forget that so probably
five guys well give it that but then there’s this they got two homes home the hills and
malibu the whole beatle song thirty four million dollars uh… the where the time of the final
list of those talk about his and her hairdressers and house calls further that’s a big deal who cares thank you why do we want to
like one always outrage people when rich people spent a lot of money on their
hair tonight jamia courts are girls got a lot of
money and she had the hairdresser come to our house and then maybe link while he was very
good prep reports there i was a cost a hundred fifty dollars loan have their her spouse she did you
ever she wants to ur hair she is not not attractive in this one is houses available believe mischief missus janii of course that i thought
the woman is like five rolls are nachman and she’s like fifteen years old
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