Don’t File Bankruptcy The # 1 reason home owners file bankruptcy
is to prevent or stop a pending foreclosure on their home and they are always surprised
to hear me say “Don’t File Bankruptcy.” After all, I am a Philadelphia Bankruptcy
Lawyer. It may surprise you to know that there are
many steps to stop a foreclosure aside from filing bankruptcy. A great deal of my legal practice is dedicated
to helping borrowers obtain a loan modification. Often times, clients call me when the foreclosure
complaint has already been filed so it’s necessary to fight the bank and defend against
the foreclosure in state court while simultaneously pursuing a loan modification to cure the arrears
owed to the bank. That’s where hiring a Philadelphia Loan
Modification Attorney pays for itself. Bank’s do not like to spend money and they
certainly don’t like to spend $25,000 on their own attorney’s fees to prosecute a
foreclosure case, especially where we present the bank with a complete loan modification
that immediately resolves the mortgage loan delinquency. It’s as simple as that. I like to say whack them with stick while
offering a carrot. Hit them where it hurts by fighting and defending
the mortgage foreclosure case in state court while simultaneously offering them a complete
loan modification to cure the arrears owed to the bank. I’ve had a 100% success rate applying this
philosophy although I cannot guarantee future success based upon our rules of ethics. Call me for a free consultation at (215) 551
7109. Please visit our website for more information
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