– Welcome, friends, to
the land of Somewherica, a world not unlike our own, save for one distinct difference. It’s magical as hell! (dramatic orchestral music) (clapping)
– Oh hey everybody. It’s me, Catgoddess99. – Oh wow, a cat goddess.
– [Man] Aww. – Super glad you sound that way. (laughing) – Well, thank you all for coming. My name is Allon Pihs.
(chuckling) Is there something funny about that name? I don’t understand the joke.
– Regina, please. – Pigeons kind of hanging off the side. – Oh, so it’s really to scale, okay. Got it, got it, got it.
(laughing) – The pigeon can’t move around without the big ostrich body. And, well I suppose the ostrich doesn’t entirely need the food. (laughing) – Hi Quain, how’s it going? – Searching. Yes, it is good.
(laughing) – Did you catch the
data package last night? – I didn’t catch that. – It was a faulty update. (forced laughing) (distorted laughing) – We can’t remain here. – I did notice several
little goblin babies. – Mhm.
– Those are yours? – Yeah, they were all mine. – All yours?
– I keep them in a hive. (laughing) In a hive of babies that
was next to your head. Those are all my kids.
– The baby hive. The baby hive, yes. – Is that normal for goblins? Or that just a you–
– No, no, no. It’s personal preference. – Let’s grab our dice,
activate our tablets, and enter the realm of Drawga. All right. – That was so good. (laughing) I’m so hyped up now.
(clapping) (intense music)