Hey guys. Earlier this week through the usual
grapevine of news and commentary I learned that a 13 year old girl was
gang-raped in Kinshasa. For those of you who don’t know, Kinshasa
is the capital city of the Congo. And though it puts a lump in my throat (to say),
sexual violence is far from rare. The boys, the attackers, are the sons of
government officials. She has to go through her life reeling From the moment. From the memory. And the young attackers will walk away feeling
protected. That’s what happened here. The government, the justice system
protected those boys and left that girl to fend for herself. The new administration has been in place since January and little has been done to go
towards the new and improved Congo. There’s not even a precedent to be held
because it’s always been like this. No sensible justice system! It wasn’t that
long ago when the ones whose duty is to uphold justice were the ones killing
protesters in the street. Remember that? No policy makers working day and night
to revert the past 50 years. It’s embarrassing. I can stand by what I’m saying because I
stand by her and every other woman in the Congo that has been taken advantage
of with no fanfare. I hope to god that Congo has the resources to help victims like her. I hope I won’t be more disappointed.