Drones are one of the emerging classes or
the emerging risks that we have in the insurance industry overall. That could be for the aviation space, but
also when you think of liability as a product. People tend to think about the emerging risk
or the risk pool, but I think we need to look at this from another angle, which is an industry
we want to make the society more resilient. Think about the role that drones can play
in terms of the benefit to that value proposition rather than just the pure technical underwriting
risks. Drones can enter hazardous areas much more
effectively, survey lands that we have never seen before. I think overall, it’s going to be much more
of an asset than the liability side that we traditionally think of. I think as underwriters, we like to evaluate
risk and drones will become a big risk pool in the future. I think everything is still evolving, so yes,
originally we asked a lot of questions about what does this mean for this industry? I also think let’s complement this view
with how it can actually help us as an industry make society much more resilient – and I think
it can. It’s always nice to have fun in our industry,
but what I would say is, Swiss Re – we consider ourselves a risk knowledge company. This is just an example where we can bring
clients and we can have a forum. We don’t have all the answers, but we learn
together, we become smarter together, and this is an example where I think this is not
a commodity insurance type of situation. It’s somewhere where a reinsurer can really
add value to the market.