there’s absolutely unprecedented biking what
goaded by dot com slash t y t for your free trial membership the international center for media and public
affairs at the university of maryland uh… found that when agents abstain from texting and other adtech
activities they experience intense similar to drug withdrawal this is incredible story okay because it shows
you how addicted we are to technology to the internet the texting our cell phones
were constantly plot any citizen unplug ourselves we start feeling uh… anxious stressed out
jealous heart stopped so what the university of maryland did is
they uh… did the study of two thousand students not just in the united states okay they talked
to students from latin america africa the middle eastern europe and asia and ask them
all to go without gadgets for twenty four hours and then a right about their experiences some of them around as if their world was coming to an end so
i’m gonna give you an example western wrote uh… media is my drug without
it by was lost admin addict idoney alcohol cocaine or any other derailing form of social
depraved atty uh… at and just i’m sorry i just need my drug i have been somewhat here’s realization at
about seven p m on sunday october twenty fourth i’d taste i ponder the meaning of life and
then i panicked how could i survived twenty four hours without it how can i go on so this is this majors freaking out here she does not know what to do and you
know with the majority of people who participate in the study had a similar reaction to being
unplugged and this is just for twenty four hours this isn’t some long period of time where
your without technology gidget executed cheeses oconee county gets program project i met that
night it’s not possible right but i know that in
the case that that in high school i’ve talked to gross enough on the phone for quite some
time you know certain differences right these days is that the book forty exp pickup involvement on their and of xd sexy every single texas light just across the p that makes any sense that their project texas
you aren’t that bad project and also you want the benefit of texting its when you texting someone you have a lot more control over the conversation
and control is a beautiful thing and what i mean by that is when you’re on the following and someone’s
talking your you’re off it always good unit uncomfortable so position to tell that person
stop talkin you gotta go but it’s interesting you can join the conversation
in in terms of how wide the conversation goes on what you get this a you know as your texting
maybe you’re you’re doing your writing something that might be a little controversial as you’re
doing it you can at yourself before spending that tax they’re definitely benefits the texting so you be a little bit of a downer but there
is a downside to it you lose a little bit of that chemistry from the conversation you
know you lose a little bit of that uh… interaction that you would typically get from a phone conversation so they’re downsizing
of being a little too graham price for it nato break watched over my nephews as the accident peaceful
one day it was a little anthropology experiment caterpillar dvb-t digital satellite watch that that’s a looked at how did the natives interact here in houston context and activists used like huh lost all dot to help in lake victoria police say something leaks i mean that’s literally fifty percent of issues were it goes like this is the first one that they
do you guys upset is even remotely funny alone that funny level fifty percent of the reaction being
lol jenkins right okay in fact even young people
are having a phone conversation it would be deeper and it would be much more intellectual so e let’s let’s allow them to do the phone conversations
that attacks one-party conversation that’s that’s the scoop
is you know when it comes with it is monies and my nephew like this facebook’s promise ballistics sexy technique nothing new he got a sum of one hundred sixty new city
though under i’ll talk to you ain’t got nothing to say synthasite synthesis to get this this could
get some in the forecast for dates has nothing to do about saving and if you don’t have to
get him and some of the month when it’s on to someone anyone the consultants is absolute idiot that’s adult with a comforting his message
to the the is they’re losing the losing nam composition skills not at the
summer storms in much is very that’s a setup at ago that i set up this group which
is kinda like you know a the eight so i gotta go selena you’d you’d lose in touch
of of a normal human comes into action recommends that these people have the skill to talk to
some not the actual size and your the digi-tech it so i think that it’s recruiter
lindsey missing icy aston moore about problem version because i have social media like because
it’s based partly because of my space and i have friends that i’ve been friends
with since i was a little girl and we o interact face-to-face on a regular basis and if they
want to talk to me they’ll call me my best friend wind chill always call me a
chance to talk to me but a lot of my new friends is almost as if
they’re uncomfortable talking me on the phone so if they want to reach me ur contact me so message me through facebook and unlike who are you you’re my friend you can pick
up the phone and give me a call it won’t be that we are swear to god you know so i think
there is definitely an issue with face book andrea and i think the couples i don’t think
it does anybody use my space really but you know in some people do something to
please my space any type of social networking site like that the secular french we just need
to get my attention then we have a serious problem like pick up the phone tank people don’t know this about me but i
mean underground gave her idler i’d love to play video games other you’ll
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