I take the book home. I read it to my sisters.
I like the library. It’s pretty inside. I like working on the laptop. It’s very
nice. I have learnt a lot. I have learnt Mathematics, English, Afrikaans and reading. That is what I have learnt. And when I read, I learn everything from these books. We manage the funds that are generated and
we use it to fund other projects such as the women’s club, the youth club and the sports club. We receive money from every bottle that is sold – 85 cents for red wine and 95 cents per bottle for white wine. This money comes to us as farmworkers. Because we had heard about this mobile library and thought it a good thing, we immediately gave permission for it and we contribute a portion to keep this library going. We are very grateful and glad for it. It is not only our community that benefit from it but the broader community also benefits. We are grateful for that. What I am saying today comes from my heart. This lies very close to my heart, because I can see they really want us to progress.