22 trillion dollars of debt, 11 new
trillion dollars just from the last decade alone to save us out of the Great
Recession. And guess what? It can’t stay off what is coming next. My name is Kris
Krohn, I’ve done nearly a billion dollars in real estate. And I want you to be
prepared for what’s going to happen in the coming collapse and how you can cash in
on the crash. So, every year, I pay 6 figures to
attend this week-long retreat. It usually happens in a wintry place because it’s
all about preparing for winter. And I got to hang out and snowboard with some of
the most successful people on the planet. Successful business owners, billionaires.
And the reason why I spend time with them is for a couple of reasons. First
because they say that we you become the average of the people that you hang out
with. Because I have got really big mission and really big purpose in my
life. I’m hanging out with people that are up to really big things. But this
economic retreat is also about having a chance to hear from the brightest minds
about what is coming next. Because right now for the United States and for some
of the world, we’re sitting in fall. Spring, summer, fall winter. Fall is
harvest time. Fall is when people are basically out there doing business,
collecting on all the money that they’re making. And you know what comes after
fall? Winter. And in winter, that’s when we hit our recession. That’s the part where
companies go out of business, companies lose it. Unsustainable. And if you take a
look at what happened in 2008, something happened. The government got involved,
they lowered interest rates. And with financial easement, they dumped 11
trillion dollars into the economy. And what it did is it meant that the Great
Recession wasn’t as bad as it probably would have
been. And one of the questions that they were debating and asking in this is we
were hearing from people like Ray Dalio that’s returned over 50 billion dollars
to his investors over the years as one of the most successful hedge fund
managers. Or last year, hearing from Ben Bernanke. Learning about the economy.
Having Tony Blair there and having him talk about the world economy. And
everything he’s learned from his 10 years as Prime Minister. And you know
what? There is consensus amongst all of them that we got a recession and it’s
just right around the corner because we cannot sustain all of this debt spending.
And can we really afford to spend ourselves out of this next recession?
Harry Dent was there and one of the things that he brought up that I thought
you need to know about is he said, “With this collapse coming, in 2008, should we
have introduced 10 trillion dollars into the economy to stave off the recession
make it as bad as it could have been?” Bernanke last year said, “Yes, that’s what
we needed to do.” But you know what? At the end of the day, we are artificially
propping up our economy. And what it means is that the next
recession may hit harder than many of us actually plan on. Whether it’s going to be
mine or whether it’s going to be huge. A lot of the economists that were there
and talked about it said that what we have coming up around the corner which
could be as early as September 2019. Definitely hitting the market. They
believe in 2020 is that you could be anywhere from losing 30 basis points in
the stock market to seeing something far more substantial. Because we’ve got all
this past debt. We can only take on so many trillions. If you look at our
military spending, nearly a half a trillion dollars over 500
billion dollars. We’re spending almost that much just an interest alone. So, can
we really sustain where we’re going? And why do you need to know this? There’s a
couple things that I want to share with you today that I think will help you
understand when the collapse comes, there’s going to be blood in the streets
and people are going to be crying foul and there’s gonna be all these concerns. But
does it have to be that way for you? When winter comes, does it have to be the
worst of the 4 seasons? When things die or could it be your most brilliant
season? Let me tell you just a little bit about 2008. When 2008 hit, I had only been
an investor for about 5 years. I had built up a really solid track record. And
I was buying all these homes in my back yard. But when the market came crashing
down, we recognized that when everyone is running this way, you go the opposite
direction. That’s where the opportunity lies. So, we went into the hardest hit
economy markets. We went into Phoenix, we went into Vegas, we went into Florida. And
where they had over built too many homes, we set up our team, our infrastructure
and we bought thousands of these homes. Thousands of homes that were selling for
250 to 300 thousand dollars that we were buying for how much? We were buying them
for 80,000, 100,000 120,000 dollars. I
noticed during this period of time that when the economy collapses that no one
is there to really clean up the economy. The government does their best to re-stimulate it. But the people that actually produced the greatest winnings
during winter, its ends up coming down to the entrepreneur and the investor. And
those that have a… Some might say a really high risk tolerance. I would say
that you have a very low risk tolerance. And I want to explain that to you. If you
have a home (It’s very tall home) because at this price point it was selling for
250,000, 300,000 dollars and was
artificially inflated. Well guess what? That home to build costs around $200,000.
Do you know what this difference is called? This difference right here is
called the bubble. Anytime, something goes up higher than
the price of what it costs to build outside of reasonable fees, you start
building into a bubble. But guess what happens down here. These homes dropped
all the way, we’ll call it here let’s find that home for $100,000. Now, if it
costs us to build a home, does it really mean that it has dropped 100,000 in value? No, it means that there’s too much inventory. It means that
there’s too many homes out there in the market place and no one’s there to buy
them except for who? The investor. Buying this home, let me ask you, is there a
demand for this home? Not for purchase, but for rent. Because when the economy
goes down, guess what? The population doesn’t shrink. People still need homes.
So, this homes goes from a home that someone owned and it becomes a what?
Becomes a rental. These people that are renting this home, they make all their
payments and we hold this for 5-7 years. You know period of time. I guess
what happens 5-7 years later. The price of this home goes back to rebuild,
it goes back. Because real estate over time, I want to make sure you understand
this. Even though it moves in a wave, real estate is always increasing in value. So
guess where we are at today? We have gone past the rebuild value, the prices are
continuing to go up and up and up. We are building our next what? We’re building
our next bubble. And that means that when we fall off the deep end with the
upcoming in recession, right now some of those experts say that real estate is
really going to be filling it. In the beginning of 2020 or it could be later
in 2020. But when it comes, the question is how can you be prepared to take
advantage of this? I went and I bought 3,000 different homes in those
markets. This time, I’m preparing to go in and
purchase 70,000 homes. I’m going to be deploying a billion dollars. And by the
way, if you’re not a subscriber, you’re going to want to be a subscriber. Because a
video is going to come one day, you ring that bell on it and that video is going to
say, “It’s here.” And everyone else is going to be terrified running this way and I’m
going to be saying, “It’s party time, it’s game time.”
What can you do between now and then to make yourself ready for it? You got to
get in the game of real estate and you got to start buying. Wait? Start buying
homes right now? Shouldn’t I wait until the market bottoms out? No, if you know
what you’re doing, it’s always a beautiful time to be
investing in real estate. I’m personally averaging 20 to
30 percent returns on my properties that I’m buying today. And I want to
share with you a little secret. I don’t buy 300,000-dollar homes, I don’t buy 5,000-dollar homes, I don’t buy into multi-million dollar projects. The
homes that I’m currently buying right now are between 50,000 and $150,000. So when the economy comes crashing, a million dollar
home becomes what? A half a million dollar home. And a half a million dollar
home becomes a 300,000 dollar home. And 300 becomes
200. 200 becomes 180. But between that 50, 100, 150 thousand dollar
range, do you know what you have? You have insulation. Which is why in 2008, my
company skyrocketed and right now it’s about to do that again. I’m inviting you
to take a ride with me. Think about it. If this cycle only hits every 12, 15 years,
then just take inventory on your age right now. When will the next one be? Fast
forward 12, 15, 18 years from now. That will be your next opportunity. And what
will you have missed in the meantime? You will have missed the best opportunity to
be in the game of real estate. Why do I want to deploy a billion dollars for
real estate? It’s because in an economy like this, if $100,000 home goes back to
200, it goes up to 250, then we can take a billion and we can turn it into what? We
can turn it into 2 billion. Does that make sense?
And you can do it in a relatively short period of time. And then when you impose
leverage, 1 billion actually becomes 3 billion, 4 billion or 5 billion dollars.
So, this is a period of time where I have a goal. In the next recession, I want to
make a billion dollars a minimum. And I’m asking you what’s your plan and what are
you going to do? Now, depending on your age, you could be saying, “Kris, I’m Way too
young or I don’t have money to get in the game.” I didn’t either. You might be
saying, “I don’t really know to do. I don’t know what my first steps are.” The first
step is to empower yourself with knowledge and a game plan. You have to
know what your game plan is if you want to get where you want to go. And I’ve got
one for you. In fact, I’ve written 4 different game plans. I just came out
with my fourth book. And I decided to make it really in Paquito, really small.
And what I wanted to do for that book is I wanted to say you’re 1 of 4
people. You’re either starting with nothing and this is your game plan to
make next million. Or you’re starting with a
little bit of money and this is your game plan to making your next million. Or
you have some money set aside and this is your game plan. Or you have a lot of
money and you want to get it straight into cash flow product. This would be
your game plan. So, I mean I hate to say that you are so simple that I can put
you into one of four buckets. But it’s not about labeling you, it’s about me
empowering you with knowledge they can get you where you want to go. Now, if you
click the link in the description below, you’re actually going to get a chance to
get my book for free. Every year I order a massive amount of them and I keep
giving them away until they run out. And right now I have a bunch of my
storehouse. And if you’d like to get your hands on it, there’s no cost for that
other than the shipping. So, all you have to do is click the link below. I’ll send
you the book in the mail. You can diagnose for yourself where you’re at
and where you want to be. And what I can promise you is that no matter your
financial situation, by acting now, when the recession hits, whether it is 10
months away, 12 months away, 18 months away. What you can do between now and
then is exactly what will prepare you to take the most advantage of the fact that
the politicians are screwing up. We’re 22 trillion dollars in debt. And the current
president is not going to have to face face up and clean that up because it’s
outside of his time that’s not going to impact his legacy. It’s going to screw up
the next president. Someone’s going to have to come in and solve that. But part of
that solution is you. Part of that solution is me. And you know what? Every
12 to 15 years, the call comes for an opportunity for you to skip generations.
And step into a high degree of wealth right now. So no matter where you’re at.
Now is your time. You got to be prepared, you got to be ready. Get your hands on my
book. It also comes with a free consultation. So you know, there’s a
number there. Call up my team and say, “Hey, can you guys give me my 4 steps of
what I need to do to build wealth?” My promise to you is that we will empower
you with the knowledge so that you’ll know how to move forward in your life.
Lastly, knowledge is power if you act on it. Execution is everything. So my friend,
what you need to do right now is you need to make sure you are a subscriber,
you need to ring that bell. And if you know someone else that might benefit
from understanding this information, I want you to share this video with them.
Share them with your mom and dad. Share them with your friends and let them know
the recession is coming but it doesn’t have to be doom and gloom like it will
be for most people in your neighbors for 5 to 10 years. It actually can be the
most profitable period of time for you and
you can love winter. Take care of my friends. Catch you on the next video.