while the most progressive centers in
the country joins me from ohio where he was just with the president centers shared brown conf r_u_ great
scenario of attacks sensible question for you few heard my robe will explanation there hire you to help bob yeah i think that what you’re going to
do the right direction or when we return september we’re going to for input this
bill would get on the floor which does several things the jobs for
america act it will provide at thirty billion dollar just a community in
smaller banks and regional banks that that will you know with sun-up strings
attached we know that money will go out to small business koi met with some
bankers today and in columbus i’d after i saw the president who i have a
reputation of working with small businesses especially in com we’re going to work with the s_b_a_
so that the loan limits can be higher so that that small companies especially
manufacturers who who need capital need working capital and i i talk to
manufactures my state all the time two out of every three new jobs in this
country come from small business many of them for manufacturing we make things in
this country we know how to make things especially in places like youngstown an acronym
dayton ohio they have the customers they have the
capacity they have the workers to begin the manufactured and we know that we
pull ourselves out of recession by manufacturing by making things we need a
a small business incentive jobs bill which is worth what we’re going to bring
to forget in september so her for an eventual republic republican gone the
other senator from i was a republican his support in the past we need one or
two other republicans out of forty one to join us it’ll help to put people back
to work in sac lead the way to help bob in i were reliable revver you say bob is
death it will make a difference so senator one it answered my question is
how do you get pass republic filibuster on that pretty lori schiller thirty
billion dollars go to the community banks senator voinovich in a flip or do
you know by the republicans are aware that if they don’t how do you make them well i think they’re beginning to feel
pressure may not is that the country’s catching on to me
that it was it was ten years of of trade agreements that cost us jobs of
tax cuts for the rich that weren’t paid for of deregulation of wall street of
bailouts for the drug insurance companies it took a budget surplus in
blew a hole in it in the bush years that’s what got us where we are now
people are starting to understand you know that’s what we inherited president
obama inherited when we were losing a hundred thousand jobs a month when he
took office and i think the public is beginning to put pressure on republican
senators who’ve so far he’d gone along with their leadership because they want
to obama to fail i know that senators like george voinovich don’t don’t don’t
have that view of what’s barack obama failed their viewers how do we fix this
economy i think we’re going to see a number of republican split off because
of public pressure and an appeal to patriotism that you know now’s the time
to get this economy going helping small business create the jobs that small
business place especially manufacturers are very good at doing at sarah brown i
want to see it is a strategy to abuse for example republicans they zone in on
an issue like this so called ground zero boss
candy all talk about a naked naked until it becomes as enormous issue why
can’t we do with that with an issue that actually makes a
difference why can’t you know we say are looking to
put these guys on the spot until their american people are
perfectly aware that they’re blocking this pill they can actually the jobs well that’s what president obama didn’t
columbus today i think you’re going to see house and senate democrats and
candidates and and others who care about the public interest and begin to echo
those comments that hill whose side you’re on in the end you want to go back
to the side to this deregulation of wall street in tax cuts and for the reaction
in privatization medicare and so she want to go back to that you want to go
forward that puts i think we’re increasing pressure and republicans do
that very well be they tried on the fourteenth amendment hired two i mean i was just a bizarre
issue that came from nowhere they try it with this mosque they’re always trying
to distract people’s attention and detract from the
real issues that matter people’s lives we bob and zanesville ohio were dayton
or cincinnati or chili coffee that doesn’t matter what the whether
they bill whatever they build around september out here in new york city
doesn’t really matter about the fourteenth amendment what matters to
them is that they can find a job with decent benefits raise our family send their kids to
school have a decent place to live but sender let’s can go to the democrats now
did no bomb administrations screw-up by given away all that money whether
it’s directly the tarp money or indirectly although other bailouts that
when they’re because isn’t saying hey you know what we have now give thirty
billion more to actually do the job is a kind of an admission that they have
first several hundred billion we didn’t really
work well the first time runner billions at
work by wasn’t it wasn’t a big aidid it is for the winning the money is being
paid back the financial system didn’t collapse i’d sixty billion dollars went to the
auto industry now we’re seeing three profitable american auto companies ford
chrysler and g_m_ those companies are hiring people now in ohio in lordstown
in defiance in parma ohio and other places they’re beginning to pay back
that money if they have we hadn’t done that with the auto industry which most
republicans again said no to again senator voinovich an exception to that
but uh… that if we hadn’t done that we
would adamo hundreds of thousands of more unemployed not just autoworkers but
suppliers component manufacturers auto dealers com fall kinds of people
that are out of that huge industry so but for the right things to do it’s just
we have another cooperation from republicans do what we need to do for
small business for main street nyc i mean we clearly the government clearly
does too much for wall street at the expense of main street there’s no
question about that from particularly in the bush hears but
we’ve got a focus more on main street that’s where the jobs are created
they’re not created and wall street their creator in main street mansfield
ohio and you know i might agree with you on
the auto industry on the big banks the justin when the
money out we didn’t get the jobs go another day and i know that’s all i
think that part of it was a failure that’s right now the mistake the mistake
was not lending the money to the bank i missed a quiz in the in the bush years
in the urban pollution in the last month to the bush administration your early
months of our administration that there was not because of the speed at which we
thought we had to do it the air in retrospect which we should
have put more strings or in the monies has little money was long after that was
the air and get everybody made it frankly but
that’s passed we’re getting most of the money back if not all of it we’ve got a
focus on small business and job growth peerage their definition of a strings
attached that is not enjoyed being in the right answer thank you sarah buffer georgia
represented talking together