Dear readers of the European Sting, there’s one thing the drew my attention last week: the decision of the Spring EU Summit
not to take any specific actions for the resolution of the big social problems
that the financial crisis has caused to the Old Continent Apparently, Van Rompuy’s “ground-breaking” statement that
we cannot overcome a crisis with more crisis, Martin Schulz’s severe criticism
on the European lust for austerity and Francois Hollande’s alarms siren
that the French deficit will not do the favour to Oli Rehn to stay below three
percent this year, are not enough to turn the wheel of the european titanic and
avoid the rapidly closing iceberg. Unfortunately, the voice of the president
of the European Council, the president of the European Parliament, and the
president of the second biggest economy in Europe have no power on the ears of
the austerity lovers, Oli Rehn and Angela Merkel. Neither the voices of thousands of
people in Brussels in around Europe last week, protesting about unemployment and
rising poverty in Europe. What else are these two austerity love birds waiting
for, to feel the water inside coming inside the boat? Do you need also the new Pope,Jorge Mario Bergoglio, to come to Berlaymont and preach against
European Inferno that weare heading to? The truth is that the violin band is
still playing while the bow of the ship is going up and everybody is running like crazy to
save his soul, but still Angela is snoring insider her suite. Oh,My God! When will this lethal German gluttony come to an end? Is it going to be in the Summer Summit
where Angela will show up with her fancy green linen jacket combined with her elegant Green ballerina flats? My lord! We have had enough with those people that
think that they will manage this time to conquer Europe and do it without bearing
the cost of getting tanks on the roads. Germany and the peer need to listen
carefully to the alarm and wake up from their wet dream as soon as possible. Otherwise, comedians and neo-fascists will keep
increasing their political power in the South reminding to Angela the obvious; that we
live in democracy and they cannot put Peoples in misery to make money out of
human pain. A new ingredient in this deadly recipe of austerity, that was to
everyone’s astonishment added last week, is the EU raid on the savings of
Cypriots as part of the Cyprous bailout. One more stray sheep was
captured by the bad Troikan wolf extending the list with the victims of
the European vultures. Together with Portugal, Greece and Ireland another country was
thrown to Ceadas, the historic island of Cyprus. But this was pretty much expected given
the big liquidity problems of the banks in Cyprus. What was not expected in the Summit was
the Troika to force Cyprus to steal the savings of its people. You heard well, ladies and gentlemen. This did not happen in Bangladesh but in
the European Union. A country is blackmailed to tax
immediately and unprecedently all the saving accounts of its citizens, otherwise it gets kicked out of the
Union. For the love of God people! What are you doing? Last week you just placed the death
stone on the grave of Eurozone. It seems that the Troika can get it . What about our underwear? Do you want them too? Perhaps you can combine them to make a gigantic rope to hang the European South from
and save money from future bailouts. My God! How many EU summits do you think you
will last before you crack and cancel those fatal policies? The pressure is intense and will get
bigger and bigger. Everyone now as i understood your plan! It is bound to fail miserably in times
of democracy. Why don’t you face it and come to terms
with your failure before it is too late? If you don’t include specific growth
plans in this bloody bailout recipe of yours, you will never be able to predict
the range of the explosion that you will trigger in the European society. Game Over! Maybe it is time for some people to go
home now and grab a pretzel! Until next week, Join the Hive!