I was pretty stunned when I found out that I won
a Grace Paley Prize They called me in the middle of the day in
July . And I was pretty stunned. Wild Horse examines the human experience in overlooked and abandoned
areas of the country so the characters often are struggling against growing wealth inequality.
I’m inspired by the people I’ve encountered throughout my life and I’m inspired
by them coming together and collectively working through these struggles and challenges. Everyday
I’m just kind of overwhelmed by the human experience. Grateful for the experience to start a magazine
and seeing that magazine flourish is just incredible. The Bay Area has a number of great
writers, and those writers aren’t always represented so we felt it was urgent to start a literary
magazine and important to reenforcing the great community we have here, connecting students
with writers across the country and I’m just overwhelmed with how much the magazine has
grown in popularity. It’s a great feeling. I attended Cal State East Bay from 2005-2009.
The campus looks very different than it did when I attended school here. There are new
buildings, there are a lot of students around and it’s a very dynamic environment. This
place means a lot to me. Cal State East Bay was my foundation as a writer and as an academic,
so when I’m back on campus I feel this sense of home, a sense of belonging, a community. My name is Eric Neuenfeldt, I’m a writer and
I’m a Pioneer.