Hi, folks. My name is Sergei Lemberg. I run Lemberg Law, the consumer law firm which sponsors the website StopCollector.com. We’ve recovered more than 30 million dollars for more than ten thousand
clients. If Estate Information Services is
harassing your family about somebody else’s debt, a person who has died,
pick up the phone and give us a call. Now Estate Information Services was founded in 1989 and they’re
based in Columbus, Ohio. They collect debts for a number of
industries including automobile, credit card, education, mortgage, and retail. If Estate Information Services is calling you they could be violating the law – whether
or not you actually owe the debt. Under the Telephone Consumer
Protection Act if the debt collector’s calling you on your cell phone they have to have your consent. If you
did not give them the number or the creditor you may be able to recover money. A debt
collector may also be violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act if they’re repeatedly calling you or if they’re
calling the wrong person, falsely threatening you with a
lawsuit, failing to send you a letter under 1692g, failing to tell you who they are, what
the call is about, or speaking to third parties about the
debt, or calling you at work after you tell them not to. Under the TCPA you may be able to
recover up to fifteen hundred dollars per call and under the FDCPA you may be able to
recover up to a thousand dollars. There’s only
one way to find out. Give us a call. We would be glad to talk to
you. Our representation is free for you. Don’t wait. Let us help you figure out not only how
to stop the harassment but also how to recover money for the
harassment and abuse that you’ve suffered.