yeah I will will be filming as well
Commission good this afternoon and I received a letter
from Prime Minister press which we discussed tonight in your group the letter
basically pack consists of two requests one was to extend the old
program to keep that umbrella and second one was
to start talks about a second program from the SM a different kind of
program a.m. be discussed at but we had to go back to a conclusion already last
Saturday that an extension of the old program simply isn’t possible and now it also is
impossible for practical reasons it runs out in a couple of hours but
also politically the situation hasn’t changed there is no
new ground to go back to that on the element of the extension I think
we’re beyond that point that comes too late for many reasons I’m
just stating the facts the facts are that the program will expire tonight and Greece my flesh is that they will be
in default marks they will miss payments to their
creditors a.m. that is something that I don’t think we
can stop between now and tomorrow morning a.m. what can change is the political
stance have their Greek government that has led to this
unfortunate situation have what we could consider but we’ll
have another conference call tomorrow is for the
talks on a new program but given the current political position
that the Greek government is taking is very difficult to have constructive