congressman wes and put together here is
in washington and heat brought together for this
c_e_o_ william brothers richard folds unit and said to him hey listen uh… what’s going on here first break it down
for us how to get in trouble uh… what would you do wrong how to get
into the spot that were in and any open up an interesting on a
conversation with him he said there when i heard it that white before
as you guys were asking for the bailout from uh… the government that your top three sectors negotiated
that twenty million dollar pamper themselves uh… yep that’s right hold favoritism that it doesn’t go to the government
have had and the daughter was screwed up sorry or backgrounds meanwhile at the same exact time they’re paying themselves twenty million
dollars and i don’t mean for those who all these
actors haiyan obey payroll center bill to the top three guys who would have you got really spot twenty million-dollar while they’re telling us there were a
banker they do that yet that’s exactly what and then henry waxman said hey by the
way uh… understand the since two thousand if you’ve gotten four hundred and million dollars in compensation so when where does that anymore money
it’s got right hundred fifty eight-year-old firm with no money dove campaign f but yet you just hold four hundred
eighty million dollar in the last eight years that’s half a
billion dollars every here’s my favorite part of this i don’t know about back foresees darkness literature need mumbles a stumbles and takes off
his glasses and this nervous in awkwardness there was a cheese whiz which it is a identified for an informed we’re not quite that much it’s never
over three hundred million but you know i’ve lost him parts of you know what was fixed busy at stake for that has worked the
state’s over there is a million bucks you’re tony there are any money but you
already took home three hundred million dollars what you bring that back in there are
three hundred million dollars that’ll make you a little bit more
liquid wouldn’t it no he scares manual rob this blue line
delete a call it’s got to see their bank accounts is
nations it’s in the absence of by meeting was
party on dead man and i think i would also around
about it book to read it and and so people will turn around and
tell you hey look man everybody got her here wall
street got her too but obviously i did send out a job
speeding that i’ve already so it’s not like a lot of this as baloney man no they didn’t get her they got rakesh they are going to be on their
beliefs their plan actually walked that’s the funny part now within
woodbridge afford like to have made half a billion dollars every eight years
could you give me on for in a time in the world reform bill
going forward he have gone she would elected but you
know what located in the short term until you have
a billion dollars right soco he takes it never turns out a blows up alejandro top
law for everybody you’re all fired you guys bail them out ahead on larry i’ve got about what your words as a teacher in a
three hundred five hundred million dollars ec somebody did we people who took the extraordinary race to make more money in the short run one and they took the money home now they’re sticking you with the bill and then the republicans turn around and
say no no no we shouldn’t regulate those guys lays a fair unfettered capitalism and just let him go and it all sort
itself out yeah this guy’s a richard ball sort himself
out as jata they took the money and ran there highway route for there are people