Can you believe it’s taken so long on
limitless TV to talk about weight loss management? Well today, I’m gonna share
with you the mindset of literally how you change your thinking to change your
body. Yep, not talking about a diet, I’m not talking about exercising nutrition,
I’m talking about thinking, changing, your physical anatomy. Today is all about weight loss mindset
but it’s more than that because so many times we get stuck looking for diets and
the magic pill and we look for a system and what I’m gonna suggest today is that
your mind has the power to change your entire body and I’m gonna show you how. I
want to back up though and show you what happened to me. I was going to the gym
five to six days a week for years and after five years I’d look in the mirror
and I still had the Battle of the Bulge going on. I had my tire and I looked at
my body and I thought, how does a person spend 1 to 2 hours a day at the gym
busting their butt on cardio and still eating all the right food and yet not
changed their body? And I want to share with you the process that I went through
and changing my mindset changed my body. What I’m about to share is bigger than a
diet. It’s bigger than an exercise system. It’s
even bigger than commitment to doing something and having a behavior. What I’m
talking about here is literally wiring your brain to think differently. So I got
with one of my coaches and we were doing our belief breakthrough because that’s
what I’m known for and this was a moment in my life where breakthrough had done
so many amazing things for me and I thought, if I change my thinking could it
really change my body? And in a six month period of time I went from having a
pencil neck and if you kind of scoured the internet for some old videos of me I
had a little bit of kind of a chubby lumpy kinda, and then it all turned into
a V and everything shifted and everything changed because I went
through on a journey of doing several hundred belief breakthroughs for the
thoughts I had in my brain. That said I’m addicted to sugar, I have to have it,
diets are too hard, I’m exercising but I’m not getting anything. These ideas in
the mind will defy your efforts. So mindset I believe ends up being the most
important thing that you can do. So if you’ve been looking for the next diet
search no further we’re gonna do a diet in the mind a purging out and
eliminating all the toxic beliefs thoughts and ideas that are holding you
back from the natural easy and effortless behaviors and tendencies
they’re gonna heal your body and help you look great, feel great, and be strong. So limiting beliefs and new beliefs. We’re gonna talk about
both of these. Let’s talk about some of the top limiting notions that hold us back
when it comes to our entire weight loss journey. Here’s one of them, I’m fat, ugly, I’m not good enough, going to the gym is
hard. It’s challenging it’s difficult I try and I fail. my Genes, not these bad
boys I’m talking about your genetic code. My genes say that I’ve got to be fat or
I have high blood pressure or diabetes in other words I am my past. I can’t
escape it. This is simply my heritage These my friends are what we call
limiting beliefs. And right now, by the way you might also say that dieting is
hard. where I can do it for a week and I’ll lose some weight but then within
two weeks I’ll gain it all back. I totally get that that is what has
happened in your life. My question for you is this, do you really want your past
to dictate your future? can you imagine how lame it would be if you were
incapable of producing anything different other than the past? that’s
like one of the most powerful limiting beliefs and yet it is what your future
must be unless you change your thinking. So before we talk about what the new
beliefs need to be, let’s talk about the fact that we live in a world of doubting
Thomases. We say, I’ll believe it when I see it and yet spiritual creation,
bringing the ethereal into the material always works in the reverse. Which is why
97% of us don’t get what we want. We put faith in what we don’t want
instead of putting faith in what we do want. Because hey let’s be honest, I look
in the mirror because you you telling me you want me to look in the mirror and
see some hot beautiful sexy awesomeness? when instead I got this tire and this
flab and I don’t like what I see and I got low self esteem about my body. You’re
trapped in a cycle that says I’ll feel good when I look good. That’s the problem.
Real creation, how you bring something that doesn’t exist
into creation always happens the opposite way. Which means you get to
believe and see and feel what you want before you’re gonna get it. Just look at
the creation story right? God created the world
there wasn’t one there first right? He said, hey let’s let’s put some water down
there and separate the land from the from the waters. I Got News for you, there
was not water separating the land from the waters as best as I can tell from
reading until it was spoken into creation and before something can even
be spoken, it has to be what? has to be thought. So our thoughts not only become
things our thoughts our things and these things are seeds in your brain. And I
want to get it really clear but what I mean by this is a thing. When you say or
have had the thought, I’m not good enough, what you’re actually doing is forming a
neural pathway. A thing, small albeit but in the brain super powerful because
inside of an acorn is an oak tree a hundred years from now. And very
similarly in your brain, this seed of not good enough it is stored in a very
physical price place in the gray matter of your brain. And every time you have
this thought, it kicks in your subconscious is reminding you, your
firing electricity, you’re bringing in nutrients and you are expanding the
neural pathway of I’m not good enough. And you’re thinking, okay I need to do
some magic diet and then all of a sudden, I’ll undergo like a major crazy awesome
body physical transformation and then I’ll believe in myself and then I’ll
call myself sexy and then I’ll say I’m good enough and then it’ll be easy to
keep it and I’ll be fit and it’ll be awesome! Friends, if it worked that way
world would be full of a lot fitter people. The reality is, is that the world
in America, especially is conspiring against us where it’s all about
addictive substance and immediate gratification and on my sugar addictions
and my other addictions. If you want those things to change, if you want your
results to change, you got to allow something to die to make room for
something new. Let’s talk about something new that we can create that’ll help you.
I’m fat. As long as you believe it, if you’re believing that and putting faith
in that while you’re in the process of getting thin, I got news for you, you
ain’t ever gonna make it too thin. And if you do,
you’re gonna bounce right back to fat because fat is what you believe. As crazy
as it sounds, you have to put faith in what you want before you’re gonna get it.
So instead of believing you’re fat, you get to believe what? These are your new
beliefs, you get to believe what? I’m fit. instead of ugly. I’m handsome, I’m
beautiful. Now friends, no one can make this choice for you and you can’t be the
doubting Thomas you need to put a test of faith into an idea that says, when you
get on the scale and you see 50 more pounds thinner than you like, you need to
translate that in your mind to what? Loving and accepting who you are when?
Now. Because this is an unconditional relationship with your body. Look at how
you’ve been abusing your body not just by what you’re putting in it but by how
you treat it. What is your self talk about yourself
when you look in the mirror? It’s sad, it’s pathetic. You are mistreating
yourself and you’re abusing yourself and I’m inviting you to stop being the perp
I’m inviting you to start being the conscious creator of your life. So
instead, I don’t care if you are naked after your shower and you look in the
mirror whatever you say you get to believe and feel with passionate energy,
unfit. You get to accept and love yourself and see the best in yourself
why? Because that is the only pathway to creating it. Next one,
I’m not good enough. Freak! This is like at the core of all limitation not just
in body but in every part of life and as long as you believe that you will be it.
What do you want instead? I’m enough. By the way, I love myself. I love Who I am.
I accept me. It’s a step of transformation. The butterfly goes into
the chrysalis and you understand the end process of becoming the butterfly, its
transformation might be more raw than you knew. It goes back to DNA goo. Almost death. Before it takes on an entire new form, this stuff has got to die. Do not
worship these thoughts and ideas they are bad for you. They make you depressed,
they make you sad, they make you not like your life.
Some people check out and commit suicide over this garbage don’t do that. This one
special life is amazing but you gotta take control of it and this is how you
do it. Instead of the gym as hard or whatever your thoughts are on that,
please give me a break. I get it as long as you believe it’s
hard you’ll always have a what time at the gym? A hard time. Is that what you
want? No! then stop putting your faith in
energy instead I want you to say that going to the gym is easy, fun. And any
other adjectives that would really would honor you. And if this is your creation,
what do you want it to be? Create what you want it to be and right now I’m
encouraging you to go from the dark to the light and create as big of a spread
as possible. So don’t upgrade your thought a little bit like well, going
to the gym used to be hard now going to the gym is difficult but worth it.
Fine. If you want experience difficult, it’s gonna make it harder to get up in
the morning or whatever the heck you go to the gym or just make it easy. Put faith that going to the gym is easy and if you’re willing to believe that it’s
gonna happen. Here’s another one, I try and I fail. No! I try and I learn and I
grow and I get stronger. Very literally when you take control of your body
whether you’re a man or a woman, guess what you need to do? you need to lift
weights do you know why? because every pound of muscle will residually burn 100
calories of fat. And right now, gaining a pound takes 3,500 excess calories. If you
put on 10 pounds of muscles men and women, guess what 10 pounds is? that’s a
thousand calorie burner that you have attached to you that says, sweet I can
eat a thousand more calories and lose weight. So right now when you pump
weights, guess what you’re doing? you’re going til failure. You’re going to you
can’t anymore. You’re breaking the muscle down so that
it can come back stronger as long as you put it in your amino acids and your
proteins and the other good nutrients that you need. So you’re right. Don’t
associate with failure. I learn, I grow, I get stronger every time. The bottom line
is, if you don’t get the result that you want but you
learn something you won. You’re successful. That’s the mindset.
I’m always winning. My genes mean that I’m fat, my thyroid is a problem in the
family it shut down when this, no. Your thyroid shut down because you don’t
believe that you’re good enough and if you believe something crappy enough here,
then crap is gonna start manifesting everywhere else. So many diseases, so many
cancer, so many illnesses. Diseases nothing more than dis-ease. So
stop disease in your body with being uneasy and anxieties and depression
about the way that you feel about yourself. Instead of my genes make me fat,
my body’s rockstar status. My body easily and effortlessly Oh my
goodness my body releases weights really fast. My body is so good at
putting on muscle. My body transforms so amazingly well. So easy for me to
stay fit, it’s so easy for me to stay in my perfect like BMI index in my body
zone and where I like to be, what you know embrace your body type by the way
whatever it is stop fantasizing over some models body that was never meant to
be yours. There’s a highest and best fit of you embrace and accept the body you
got. Here’s the last one on the list, dieting is hard,
Friends, proper nutrition is what do you want it to be? As your creation. Easy,
effortless, fun, exciting, an adrenaline rush? I mean it’s whatever you want it to
be. This is what a conscious person does this is what an unconscious person does.
And we all every one of us get to move from the unconscious of the darkness to
the conscious light of day as we move into embracing the choices that are
available to us. Listen very carefully it’s you’ve spent years eroding and
degenerating your body to what it is. So don’t try to fix it in 30 days. Don’t try
to fix it in 90 days. Take life one day at a time and every day is a day to see
the fitness in you and look at the fact that your body’s been taking care of you.
For most of you it’s moving. It’s getting you from point A to B. I can look in the
mirror and desecrate this amazing sacred temple and tell myself all sorts of
horrible things about it but the reality is it gets up and
moves and it does so much despite the way that we treat it. It’s time to love
on your body. It’s time to go to gratitude. It’s time to thank your body
and that’s what happens here. If you believe different, you’ll do your
nutrition different. If you believe different then moving your body becomes
easy. If you believe different then your body can become what you wanted to and
you got a choice to make right now. Do you want this or do you want that? and if you want this, are you willing to see it before you believe it?
Are you willing to believe it before you see it? That’ll make all the difference. Oh my friend listen carefully, you can do it. I believe in you. I know that you
can! Trust me start thinking differently about your body. Start being
kind to your body. Start being nice to yourself and watch your nutrition and
exercise plans change because you want to take care of this amazing temple that
you’ve been given. Because it’s your time, you get to be healthy, you get to be
nutritious and you get to have power with your thoughts, dominion with your
spirit, over your body. we’ll see you next time.